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What is mental health? Able to deal with lifes inevitable challenges without becoming overwhelmed and impaired.
What are some of the characteristics of a mentally healthy person? self-esteem,self actualization, emotional intelligence, optimism, self-efficacy, resilience (SSEOSR)
What factors are related to the development of mental health? 1)Supportive social network 2) good communication skills 3) healthy lifestyle patterns.
What is the brains role in mental health? Imbalance of neurotransmitters are belived to play a role in a variety of mental disorders.
Teenage brain Growth spurt in frontal cortex section of the brain during adolescence.
Define stress? The general state of the body, mind and emotions when an environmetal stressor has triggered the stress response.
Stressor Events or agents in the environment that can cause stress.
Name the three stages of the General adaptation syndrome 1)alarm 2) resistance 3)exhaustion
Name 4 areas that stress can affect. 1)immune system 2) cardiovascular system 3)gastrointestinal system 4)psychological welness
Name three ways you can cope with stress? Distraction, avoidance and escape it
Define spirituality A persons connection to self, significant others, and the community at large.
How can you build a spiritual life? 1) mindfulness 2)meditation 3) journaling 4)Experience a retreat 5)volunterring
Mood disroders One of the most common mental disorders and are likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental facotrs.
Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders Disorders characterized by hallucinations and other signs that the person has lost touch with reality
Anorexia Nervosa And eating disorder marked by distortion of body image and refusal to maintain a minimally normal body weight.
Bulimia Nervosa Eating disorder marked by consuming large amounts of food, then using inappropriate means to rid themselves of the calories.
Binge eating disorder Binge eating behavior without vomiting or purging of bulimia.
Which psychological disorder results in the most deaths? Anorexia nervosa is the leading cause of death.
Addictions Continued, cumpulsive behavior despite a serious negative consequence.
Suicide among college studnets. Suicide is teh 2nd leading cause of death among college studnets.
Name 3 things that lead to suicide? Mental disorders, depression and alcohol and substance abuse.
Name three potential signs of suicide Comments about doing it, increasing social withdrawal, increase in risl-taking behaviors.
What does ACT stand for? its so you can help a friend in need. ACT stands for Acknowledhe, Care Treatment
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