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What purpose does a family health tree have? 1)visual representation of your familys genetic history 2) illustrates the patterns of health and illness within a family 3) pinpoints areas of special concern or risk for you.
Ethnicity disorders Some genetic patterns occur more frequently in particular groups than in others
Causes of Mental disorders Many mental disorders are belived to have a genetic component.
What are Multifactorial disorders Disorders caused by the interactions of genetic and environmental facorts. Account for the majority of illnesses and death in the developed world.
Genetic counseling and testing Genetic counseling helps individual/families understand genetics, evaluate risks, learn about diagnositc test and discuss treatment options.
What are some of the treatments for genetic conditions? 1)Dietary modifications 2) medications 3)environmental adaptations 4)Gene therapy
What can you learn from your family health history? Appearance of a disease in multiple individuals on the same side of the family is more likely to have a genetic contribution.
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