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NutriTest2 Energy

Eating disorder characterized by gorging food & the inducing vomiting bulimia nervosa
The energy needed to process food (i.e. digest, absorb, & metabolize) Thermal Effect of Food
Eating disorder that is self induced starvation anorexia nervosa
Critical factor in determining body build & whether a person is fat or lean body composition
The unit of measurement used by nutritionist to describe the energy content of food & avoids use of large numbers is Kilocalorie
Height & weight measurements are needed to calculate a person's BMI (body mass index)
The term that is used to indicate the amt of energy by the body for maintenance of life while the body is at rest is basal metabolism
A factor that contributes to women having lower basal metabolic requirements that men is smaller proportion of _______ mass to fat. muscle
Enzymes & co-enzymes play a role in controlling energy in human metabolism b/c they initiate & control the rate of chemical reactions
Factor such growth, pregnancy, lactation, fever & diseases such as cancer increase basal metabolic rate
Approx. 50-60% of body weight for a person of normal weight consists of water
An increase of 3500kcal. is expected to bring about the increase of 1 pound of body fat
Hormones are substances that serve as chemical messengers that help to regulate & control __________ activity. enzyme
Type II Diabetes is a health disease related to obesity
The factor that is most significant in determining a person's Basal Metabolic Rate is the amt of lean body mass
A small waist/large hip measurement is referred as a _________ or pear shape while high waist/large hip ration are referred to as ________ or apple shape. gynoid/android
Men require 3% body fat for survival but women require 12% body fat for ______ & 20% body fat for _______ capacity. survival/reproductive
Metabolically active tissues in the body include heart, brain & kidney
Severe obesity is indicated if BMI is greater than 35 kg/m2
The amt of total energy expenditure represented by the Total Effect of Food is 10%
Abdominal fat, also know as visceral fat, (more common in men than women) is a concern b/c it increases the risk of ________ disease. cardiovascular
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the recommended amt of physical activity on most day is at least 30 minutes
An extreme weight loss in patients with heart disease or cancer is called cachexia
A person w/ a BMI less than ____ is considered to be underweight. 18.5
An older adult who lives alone is at high risk for being underweight
Created by: casiejulie