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eustachian Tube connects the middle ear with the back of the throat and nose
oval window covered by a thin membrane and between the middle ear and the inner ear
Semicircular canals are curved tubes in your inner that helps provide your sense of bala nce
cochlea a spiral tube containing recoptors that sense of vibratoins
Lens bends the light rays so they come togethere at a point inside
retina is the light senstive tissue that lines the inner ear
Cornea the clear covering at the front of your eye
Iris controls the size of the pupil
cavity the hole in the enamel
nerve Impulses electrical signals that are transmitted along the nerves
cones can distinguish colors but are less sentive to light
Cataract is a condition in which the lens becomes cloudy and blocks light entering the eye
color blindness a hereditary disorder in wich the person cannot distinguish between certain colors
astigmatism a condition that causes blurred vision at all distances
Glaucoma is causesedd by increasing preasure of the fliuds inside the eye
nearsightednesss a person sees closer objects, btu objects at a distance look blurred
farsightedness a person sees distant objects, btu objects at a closer look blurred
plaque a material made of saliva food partilse and bacteria
Pulp the softer inner tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves
root the part below the gum that fits into the jaw line
molars flat teeth large with severral rounded points that grind up food into bits
enomel a hard non living dense white matrerisal containing calcium
Pre- molars are flat teeth with double points that tear and crush food
Incisors are sharp front teeth that bite and cut food
Dentin Forms the body of the tooth and extends down in to the roots
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