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Chapter 1_Health

Hes 100

Define Health State of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.
Define Wellness Process of adopting patterns of behavior that can lead to improved health and heightened life satisfaction.
What 7 aspects of life make wellness? Social, physical, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, environmental. (SO I SEE P)
What three Factors affect our health? Genetics Factors, Behavioral factors and Environmental Factors.
Community Health Issues, events and activities related to the health of a whole population or community.
Public Health The study and practice of health promotion and disease prevention at the population level.
Name the top 5 healthiest States in America? Vermont Massachusetts New Hampshire Connecticut Hawaii
Name the 5 least healthiest States in America? Oklahoma Nevada Arkansas Louisianna Mississippi
How many Americans smoke? 1 in 5 americans smoke
Since 1990 what has been the increase in obesity levels in the population? 132 %
How many americans are obese today? 1 in every 4
Name the top three health concerns? Lack of physical activity, Overweight and obesity, Tobacco use.
What are the 5 leading causes of death in the U.S(2005)? 1) Cardiovascular Disease-38% 2) Cancer-23% 3)Stroke-6% 4)Chronic lower Resp. Diseases-5% 5) Unintentional injury-4.8%
Leading causes of Death in U.S 2005 (15-24 years of age)? 1)Unintentional Injury-46% 2) Homocide-16% 3)Suicide-12% 4)Cancer-5% 5)Cardiovascular Disease-4%
What are the stages of Change Model? Precontemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance Termination (but most people require lifelong maintenance)
Created by: avilj0