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NutriTest2 Protein

the macronutrient that has a protein sparing effect is carbohydrates
a protein that contains all the essential amino acids in the proper proportions is referred to as __________. complete
a fibrous protein substance found in muscle is called ________. myosin
the primary function of protein in the diet is to _________. build and repair tissue
a type of vegetarian diet that includes only dairy foods and eggs is ______. lacto-ovo vegetarian
antibodies are tissue proteins that aid the ______ system. immune
some amino acids (methionine and tryptophan) produce ______ for brain and nerve function neurotransmitters
protein substances that speed up and control chemical reactions are called _______. enzymes
proteins are built from simpler ____ compounds (living chemical substances that contain carbon) called amino acids). organic
a blood protein that aids in blood clotting is ________ fibrinogen
proteins that do not contain all the essential amino acids in proper proportions is reffered to as __________. incomplete
after digestion, proteins are absorbed in the form of ___________. amino acids
protein contains the essential element _______ (elemental form) that aids in tissue building. nitrogen
examples of complete protein foods include _________ milk and meat
amino acids are absorbed by active transport aided by the mineral _________. sodium
the total number of the different amino acids that make up human proteins is _______ twenty
a person is most likely to have a diet with good protein quality if he or she consumes.... a variety of plant and animal foods
nursing babies receive antibodies formed in the mothers ______ __________. breast milk
two amino acids are chemically joined by a ________ bond. peptide
an important characteristic of amino acids is that they can help maintain the bodys pH or _______ act as buffers
the state of dynamic equilibrium in which there is constant ebb and flow of protein materials within the body is ______ homeostasis
a protein formed from connective tissues of the skin, bones & joints of animal that is not complete food source is _____________ gelatin
the gastric enzyme present in infants that coagulates milk is _______ rennin
the number of amino acids that are considered to be dietary essential is _______ nine
the organ that secrets trypsin and chymotrypsin is the pancreas
aminopeptidase and dipeptidase are secreted by the small intestines
a protein that helps the body fight infection is antibody
a plasma protein that helps maintain fluid balance is ________ albumin
amino acids that can be synthesized by the body in sufficient amounts are known as _____ dispensable or non essential
a fibrous but flexible protein substance found in bone, cartilage, and skin is called collagen
an exception of a plant food that provides complete protein is soy
an important iron containing pigment in blood formed by protein is hemoglobin
a constant turnover of protein occurs between the tissue and _______ plasma
pepsinogen (secreted by gastric cells) is converted into pepsin by _________ hydrochloric acid
protein turnover is high in the intestinal mucosa, ________, pancreas, kidney and plasma. liver
the phase of metabolism that makes growth and repair possible is __________. anabolism
ammonia and ______ are waste products from metabolism of amino acids. urea
if nitrogen excretion exceeds nitrogen intake, the condition is called _______ nitrogen balance. negative
protein _______ (tissue breakdown) is increased in case of burn injury, cancer, and AIDS. catabolism
the recommended dietary intake of protein for adults is _____ .8 g/kg
a period of the life cycle during which positive nitrogen balance (intake exceeds output) is important to occur is ____________ and ____________ infancy and child hood
the potential consequences of eating an excess amount of dietary protein is impaired functioning of the ___________ kidney
in the structure of protein, the group that make each amino acid unique as to size, shape, and set of properties is the _____ group. radical
a major health problem in many developing countries is ________ Protein energy malnutrition
most americans eat 2-3 time protein requirement with most coming from _____ ____ ____ ______. high fat animal food
a type of vegetarian diet that includes only plant food is __________ vegan
the number of non dietary essential amino acids is nine
long chained amino acids are reffered to as _______ polypeptides
the reason some amino acids are not dietary essential is because they are _________ synthesized by body
the majority of body protein is stored in the _____ (men have more than women) muscle
_________ formation are long chains of proteins that are coiled or folded helix
nitrogen in amino acids is key in protein to build _____ ______. body tissue
examples of foods that provide incomplete protein include vegetable and grains
protein (along with CHO and fats) is considered to be one of the three _______ macronutrients
positive nitrogen balance is important for tissue repair during _______ surgery
an excessively high intake of protein may result in loss of the mineral ______ (important for bone development) calcium
protein, if burned for energy, will provide __ kilocalories per gram. 4
excesively high intake of protein may cause ____ due increased urination. dehydration
in the stomach the enzyme ____ will begin the procress of digestion of protein. pepsin
the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range for protein intake is ___ to ___ % 10 to 35
Created by: casiejulie