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NutriTest2 Fats

NutriTest2 Fats/Lipids

Function of essential body fat is to protect vital ______ and provide a sense of ______. organs/satiety
Excess dietary intake of fat is stored as _____ tissue. adipose
Fat provides __ kilocalories per gram. 9
Coconut & palm oils are high in ______ fat, but corn oil is high in ______ fat. saturated/polyunsaturated
A characteristic of an essential fatty acid is that it is not manufactured by the _____. body
The lipoprotein considered to prevent cardiovascular disease HDL
Foods high in monounsaturated (omega 3) fatty acids include canola oil, walnuts, fatty fish
Good source of essential fatty acids (which improve skin integrity) is ______ oils. vegetable
Prostaglandins have an action similar to that of "chemical messengers" or _______. hormones
Many infant formulas now contain the added fatty acids ______ (ARA) & _____ (DHA) b/c infants may not be able to produce enough of these for optimum development. arachidonic/docosahesaenoic
A triglyceride is composed of three fatty acids & a _______ base. glycerol
The substance that acts as an emulsifier & helps absorb digested food bile
The type of food that typically is high in saturated fat is animal
The name of the omega 6 essential polyunsaturated fat is linoleic
Building blocks or structural component of fat fatty acids
System that transports the end products of lipid digestion from intestines to liver lymph
The name of the omega 3 essential polyunsaturated fat alpha linolenic
95% of the fat in our diet is in the form of a triglyceride
When 2 or more bonds in a fatty acid are unfilled, the resulting type of fatty acids is poly-unsaturated
Example of a sandwich spread that is high in monounsaturated fat peanut butter
The _____ fatty acids that have a similar effect on blood cholesterol as saturated fatty acids trans
The process by which a lipid oil can be changed to a solid fat hydrogenation
The acceptable % of total fat should fall between the range 20-35
Lipids are carried in the blood stream as _____. (Lipids wrapped w/ water soluble protein) lipoprotein
Bile salts are formed from cholesterol
High cholesterol levels in the ______ is associated w/ the coronary heart disease. blood
The lipoprotein that carries fat to the liver from a meal that has just been consumed is chylomicron
Most of the digestion of fat occurs in the small intestines
Hormone that stimulates gallbladder to contract & release bile is CCK
Endogenous cholesterol is adequately produced in the ______ therefor the maximum daily exogenous intake should be limited to ___mg. liver/300
Enzyme produced in the pancreas that digests triglycerides by breaking off one fatty acid at a time from glycerol lipase
Lipid layers surrounding nerve fibers provide ______ insulation. electrical
An important function of bile is to break ______ into globules & reduce the surface tension. fat
Chemical name for fats & fat-related compounds lipids
The lipoprotein positively associated w/ causing cardiovascular disease LDL
Created by: casiejulie