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Health Chp 2

a condition in which the lens of the eye is curved unevenly and everything looks blurry. Astigmatism
unit used for measuring loudness of sounds. Decibels
able to see far away clearly while near objects look blurry. Farsighted
gum disease that occurs when plaque hardens. Gingivitis
a pit-like structure in the skin where hair grows. Hair Follicle
a person who buys and uses health products or services. Health Consumer
substances in a product. Ingredients
able to see near objects clearly while objects far away look blurry. Nearsighted
a gland that releases oil. Oil Glands
the correction of crooked teeth Orthodontia
a sticky substance formed on the teeth by bacteria Plaque
Sun Protection Factor; sunscreen that protects skin from the sun. SPF
invisible light waves given off by the sun that cause sunburn and tanning. Ultraviolet Rays
clear covering that protects the eye cornea
3 items on a health product label ingredients, directions, and warnings
what the letters SPF stand for Sun Protection Factor
bones that vibrate in the ear hammer, anvil, and stirrup
colored part of the eye iris
coiled tube in your ear cochlea
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