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health chap 1

over-all well being in life health
the number of years a person can expect to live Life Expectancy
the over-all satisfaction in life Quality of Life
a reslt a person aims for Goal
how well your body fundtions Physical health
how comfortable you are with your surroundings, yourself, and people Mental health
how well you react to events in your life emotional health
how well you get along with others social health
a progression through one extreme to the next continuum
highest level in health wellness
the traits passed down from generation to generation heredity
decision between weither you're a boy or girl gender
your surroundings enviroment
beleifs or patterns of behavior around other people passed down through generations culture
forms of cummincation that provides news and entertainment media
something you do without even thinking habit
the consequences that may come along if you make a foolish decision risk factor
to make sure something doesn't happen prevention
what's important to you values
steps to be taken by strategy to succeed action plan
an ad that influences people advocacy
how well you read health literature
a person that follows what they see in media consumer
a gaurantee purchase of goods based on quality and will be repaired if faulty warranty
to publicise something to make it known that you may be able to purchase advertising
not the real thing fraud
a medical procedure and advice based on observations and experiance quackery
D define the problem
e explore the alternatives
c consider the consequences
i identify your values
d decide and act
e evaluate the results
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