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NutriTest1 Carbs

The sum of the physical & chemical processes that take place in a living organism to maintain life & produce energy is called metabolism
A good food source of fiber in the diet is whole grains
The process of _________ is responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates. photosynthesis
___________ consists of a combination of glucose & fructose. Sucrose
The organ in the human body that requires glucose as fuel is the _______. brain
The type of carbohydrate that helps maintain normal blood glucose levels during fasting or sleep is _______. glycogen
Of the monosaccharides, the one that tastes the sweetest is _______. fructose
Research about dietary fiber intake has indicated a relationship between the amt of fiber consumed & the management of _______. diabetes mellitus
Oat bran is high in _____ fiber. soluble
Food high in ____ slow the rise in blood glucose following a meal b/c they have a low glycemic index. fiber
The sugar to which all other sugars are converted for ____ for the human body is glucose. energy
A normal range according to the text for blood glucose levels in humans is 70-120mg/dl
A minimum intake of 130g of _____ is needed daily to prevent symptmsof dehydration, energy loss, & fatigue. carbohydrates
A sugar than contains 3-10 monosaccharides is a oligosaccharides.
The body organ responsible for the metabolic processing of glucose is the liver.
Carbohydrates are composed of a combination of carbon, hydrogen & oxygen.
Storage sites of glycogen in the human body are liver & muscles.
Cellulose is an example of a(n) _____ form of fiber. insoluble
A person w/ ______ intolerance should limit the intake of milk. lactose
If the level of blood glucose exceeds the upper limit of the normal range, the condition is called hyperglycemia.
A major source of starch is legumes.
Fructose is the sugar found in fruit & honey.
An important function of insoluble fiber is to bind cholesterol & bile salts.
A monosaccharide that only occurs naturally in foods in combination w/ another suger as a disaccharide is galactose.
Maltose is an example of a disaccharide
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