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Health Professions 2

Unit 2

Occupational Therapist? OT
Certified Medical Technologist? CMT
Nurse Midwife? CNM
Doctor of Dental Medicine? DMD
Emergency Medical Technician? EMT
Doctor of Osteopathy? DO
Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician? CBET
Registered Nurse? RN
Optometrist? OD
Registered Dietician? RD
Doctor of Dental Surgery? DDS
Registered Animal Technician? ATR
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine? DPM
Certified Medical Assistant? CMA
Electrocardiograph Technician? ECG or EKG
Physical Therapist? PT
Doctor of Chiropractic? DC
Licensed Practical/ Vocational Nurse? LPN or LVN
Doctor of Medicine? MD
Nurse Practitioner? CRNP
Certified Laboratory Tech? CLT
Vetenarian? DVM or VMD
Electroencelphalographic Tech? EEG
Respiratory Therapist? RT?
Briefly Describe an Associates degree? Awarded by a vocational-technical school or a community college after the completion of a two year course study.
Briefly describe a Bachelors degree? Awarded by a college or university after a prescribed course of study that usually lasts for four or more years.
Briefly describe a Masters degree? Awarded by a college or university after a completion of one or more years of work beyond a bachelors.
An organization regulating a particular health career issues a statement that a person has fulfilled requirements of education and performance and meets the standards? Certification.
A government agency authorizes an individual to work in a given occupation after the individual has completed an approved education program and passed a state board test? Licensure.
A regulatory body in a health care area administers examinations and maintains a list of qualified personnel? Registration.
What is the difference between a technician and a technologist? They have to obtain different degrees, and are in school for different lengths of time.
What are multi competent or multi skilled workers? Workers who can perform a variety of health care skills.
Why do smaller facilities and rural areas hire these workers? Because of high health care costs, and smaller facilities.
What is an entrepreneur? an individual who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business.
Alignment or straightening of teeth? Orthodontics.
Diseases and disorders of the eye? Ophthalmologist
Diseases and disorders of the mind? Psychiatrist.
Surgery on the teeth, mouth, and jaw? Oral Surgery.
Disorders of the brain and nervous system? Nuerologist.
Disease of the female reproductive system? Gynecologist.
Illness or injury in all age groups? Family Physician.
Diseases of the kidney, bladder, or urinary system? Urologist.
Treatment and prevention of diseases of the gums? Perodontics.
Works under the supervision of a dentist to remove stains and deposits from the teeth, expose, and develop X rays? Dental Hygienist.
Operates Machine to record electrical activity in the brain? Electroencephalographic (EEG) tech.
Who works with x-rays radiation nuclear medicine ultrasound? Radiologists.
Who provides basic care for medical emergencies illness injury? Emergency Medical Techs. (EMT)
Who organize and code patient records gather statistical data? Medical Records Tech
Who Manage the operation of a health care facility? health care admin
Nurse assistant who works with elderly individuals? Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Dispense medication? Pharmicist.
Uses recreational and leisure activities as a form of therapy? Recreational therapist.
examine eyes for vision problems and defects, not MD? optometrist
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