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HIT 75


Liability The potential of a lawsuit
Tort 错误 An action or omission of action that results in injury to another
Vicarious 替代 liability The concept that one party may be held responsible for the actions of another even though the original party was not involved in the act
Ostensible agency An organization that appears to employ an individual, even if it does not actually employ that individual
Plaintiff 原告 The individual or entity that sues another
Negligence 疏忽 An action or nonaction that results in an injury by an individual who is not acting as a "reasonably prudent person" would under the same circumstances
Respondeat superior The legal doctrine by which an employer is responsible for the actions or omissions of its employees
Borrowed servant doctrine The doctrine that a hospital employee is under the direct supervision of physician when the employee is aiding the physician. In this cases, respondeat superior liability falls on the physician, not the institution
Captain of the ship doctrine The doctrine that a surgeon directly superivores all personnel assisting an operation; thus respondeat superior liability fall on the surgeon, not the institution
Hospitalist Doctors who only see patients in hospitals. A physician who practices solely in a hospital instead of in private practice, and who is employed by the hospital
Qui tam A provision of the federal False Claims Act that allows a private citizen to file a suit in the name of the U.S. government
E-Discovery rules Part of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that pertain to access to electronic patient records for parties to a civil lawsuit
Created by: Lilyn Ta