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HIT 75


Fee-for-Service Base on the number of services the doctor perform
Pay-for-Performance Pays clinicians base on specified quality and efficiency measures
Capitation Pays physicians or healthcare a fixed monthly amount for each individual patient regardless they are treated for that month or not
Prospective payment Pays a fixed amount base on each episode. Ex. A particular injury is reimbursed at a flat rate regardless of the length of stay, or number of visits
Critical access hospital Hospitals that allowed Medicare reimbursement based on its actual costs. Designed for underserved areas
Interpersonal role Relationships between managers regardless if internal or external
Information role Manager or supervisor implement change based on the information receives or collects. Allow managers to act in an entrepreneurial manner
House Staff Physicians who serve internship or fellowship in hospital
Henri Fayol's 5 functions of management Planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling
Scalar chain Line of authority
Equity Fair, impartial treatment
Initiative Acting without direction from a supervisor
Esprit de corps shared devotion t a common cause
Gantt chart Feature horizontal bars. the bars reveal tasks that can be done simultaneously contrasted with those that must be done sequentially
Rational authority Authority based on law, procedures and rules
Positional authority Authority of a superior over a subordinate
Charismatic authority Authority stemming from the personal qualities of an individual
Hawthorne effect The phenomenon 现象 that people change their behavior when they know they re being studied
Managerial functions Functions that must be performed by a supervisor for him to be considered a true manager
Managerial authority The legal or rightful power of a manager to act or direct others
Decisional role Implement change based on the information receives or collects. Allows managers to act in an entrepreneurial manner
Housestaff Physicians serve internship or fellowship in a hospital
Managerial functions Functions that must be performed by a supervisor for him to be considered a true manager
Acceptance theory of authority Managers only have as much authority as subordinates 下属 allow them to have
Systems theory An organizations is a collection of open systems that constantly interact with the external environment
Management by objective (MBO) The manager's performance is evaluated on department's success in achieving the targets or producing the results.
Chaos theory Managers must recognize that events cannot always be controlled
Organizational development A process that seeks to increase the "health" of social and technical systems such as work processes, communication, and shared goals
Entrepreneurial 创业 theory The concept that individuals or small groups of individuals who are "ahead of the curve" should be rewarded and encouraged to work autonomously 自主
Created by: Lilyn Ta