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Unit 1 Health Care

A long-term care facility designed to give care to patients rehab. Extended care facilty
Provides care for accidents or sudden illness? Emergency care.
Provide guidance or counseling? Mental health.
Located in large companies or industries? Industrial health.
List three examples of services that can be provided by home health care services? Nursing care, personal care, physical therapy.
Agency sponsored by the United Nations is? WHO
A federal agency that protects workers from job injuries and illness is? OSHA
Patient has 75/25% co insurance. False.
Medicaid? Individuals with low incomes, children who qualify for public assistance, and the disable.
Workers compensation? Health insurance plan for individuals injured at work.
Provides care for the terminally ill? Hospice
Provides care for elder? Geriatric
500*15= $75
Why does an individual maintain a better state of health under HMO? Early treatment, health care access
Individual with HMO has ready access to treatment and care. True
Hospice agency provides support to family following patient's death. True
Many long-term care facilities provide home meals to elderly. True
Which of the following is not purpose for organization chart? How much you get paid.
The study of cancer? Oncology
Specific amount of money patient pays for a particular service regardless of amount. Co-payment
Tricare provide coverage of expenses for whom? All of the above
HIPPA provides what? Strict guidelines for maintaining privacy of healthcare information'.
Genetic counselling centers deal with genetic disease called? Down Syndrome
Main type of care provided by hospice is ______________ care? Pallative
Which of the following types of care can be offered by home health care? All of the above
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