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Health Care Systems

What provides Dental Services? Dental Offices
Group of doctors who share a facility are located in a ? Clinic
Who provides care in patient's home? Home Health care
What service provides physical, occupational, and other therapies? Rehabilitation
What service performs special diagnostic tests? Laboratories
What is located in large companies or industries? Industrial or Occupational health
Care directed toward preventative health care? Health maintenance
Who provides assistance and care for the elderly? Long-term care
Provides care for accidents or sudden illness? Emergency care
Includes guidance, counseling, and chemical abuse treatment centers? Mental health
T or F Hospitals are classified as general, specialty, or government depending on their source of income? False..
T or F HMOs and PPOs are the main providers of managed care? True
T or F In PPOs, insured people are restricted to using specific hospitals or doctors? False
T or F The CDC is involved in research on disease? True
T or F Hospitals operate outpatient clinics for patients who are not admitted to the hospital? True
T or F It is important for health care workers to understand the functions and goals of an organization? True
T or F An organizational chart allows a health care worker to determine who is their immediate supervisor? True
T or F CHAMPUS provides health care for all military personnel? True
T or F Medical Centers at Universities provide free care to provide learning for students? True
T or F Deductibles are amounts of money deducted from a bill by health care agencies if a patient has insurance? False
T or F Health insurance plans solve health care problems by paying for the total cost of health care False
T or F Medicare provides health care for welfare recipients and physically disabled or blind? False
T or F Nonprofit agencies are frequently called voluntary agencies because they use only volunteers to provide services? False
T or F Insurance plans vary in the amount of payment and type of service covered? True
what are 3 services offered by medical offices? diagnosis, treatment, exams, labs
What is the name of the federal agency that establishes and enforces standards to protect workers from job-related injury? OSHA
What is the name of the national organization that is concerned with the cause, spread, and control of diseases? CDC
What is the name of the ACT that has led to the development of many regulations for long-term care? OBRA
What are 3 examples of services that can be provided in the home? Homemaking, Nursing, personal care, therapy
What is the name of the government plan where patients are admitted to a hospital with certain diagnoses that are classified in one payment class? DRG's (Diagnosis related groups)
What is the name of health insurance that provides treatment for workers who are injured at work? Worker's compensation
What group of people are covered under Medicare? Over 65
Name 3 services provided by health departments? Inspections, clinics, statistics
What is the name of the international agency that deals with health problems throughout the world? World Health Organization
Created by: slschafer