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Test #1

Pharmacology Study of drugs & their interactions w/ living organisms
Medicine A drug that is deliberately administered for its medicinal value
Three medical uses for drugs 1) Pevent Disease 2) Diagnose disease 3) Treat Diseases
F.D.A Food & Drug Administration - Regulates perscription and OTC medications for use in the U.S
D.E.A Drug Enforcement Administration
Schedule drugs refers to drugs that have a potential for abuse AKA controlled drugs
Schedule drug lower the #.. greater the abuse potential
United States Pharmacopeia or National Formulary a list of all perscribed and OTC medications in the U.S
Generic Name the name given to a drug when it is created
Recognize generic names by. 1) lower case 2) usually har to pronounce 3) sometimes in parentheses
The "nick-name" given to the generic drug so consumers will remember it easily trade name, brand name, product name
the "trade-name" is recognized by being 1) capitilized 2) easy to pronounce 3)may have a registered mark
Trade name medications and their generic equivalent must contain exactly the same amount of active ingredient
Ingredients permitted to vary from generic to trade name are inert (inactive) ingredients
Inert (inactive) ingredients include Binders, fillers, preservatives, antioxidants, buffes
Pharmacists are permitted to substitute the generic drug for a perscribed trade name unless.. " nosubstitutions" dispense as written"
Therapeutic index (T.I) dosage margin between the therapeutic effect & toxic effect
Loading dose or Bolus Large initial dose of a medication to quickly reach the TI
placebo An inert pharmacological agent prescribed to create a psychological effect
All new pharmaceutical drugs are protected by a patent lasting.. 17 years
A drug patent means, no other company can manufacture or market an identical drug
Scored a tablet that has an indented line running across the top
Effervescent A tablet designed to dissolve in a glass of water before being swallowed
Enteric tablet covered w/ a special coating that prevents stomach upset
An enteric coated ASA Ectorin
Classifications of ASA Non-narcotic analgesic Non-steroidal anit-inflammatory drug (NSAID) Antipyretic Anticoagulant
Medications that disintegrate slowly into a liquid for that releases the drug topically in the mouth & throat Lozenge, troche, pastille
A liquid w/ a watery consistency aqueos
A thick liquid viscous
A small bottle containing injectable medication w/ a rubber diaphragm at the bottle neck for needle insertion is vial
A small slender glass container w/ a narrow neck which means houses injectable liquids ampule (amp)
Liquid medication that contain alcohol(ETOH) Elixirs (elix) or tinctures
Liquid medications that contain no alcohol (ETOH) Syrup
Fat gobules dispersed throughout a water base is.. emulsion
Drug particles dispersed throughout a thickened water based is gel
Undissolved particles of a medication to be mixed w/ a liquid just before use is called Suspension.. MUST SHAKE WELL
A method by which medications is dispensed administered
Medication applied to the skin topical (lotions, ointments(ung), creams)
Medication patch administered through the skin to the bloodstream transdermal
PO or po or P.o by mouth
SL sublingual
inhalation (INH) refers to breathing in
MDI metered dose inhaler
Nebulizers vaporizer
NPPV Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation
EndoTracheal(ET) within the trachea ( windpipe)
NG {ng} nasogastric tube
Gastrostomy(Gtube) or jejunostomy (Jtube) feeding tube
Rectal Suppositories or enemas
Vaginal suppostoires, creams, foams, douche
Perenteral (hypodermic) intradermal(ID) ( withith the skin)
Common ID injections include Mantoux, PPD, & tine
subQ subcutaneous injections
Common medicine administered subq insulin
IM or I.M intramuscular injections
IV intravenous injections
I.V.P intravenous push ( bolus)
I.V.P.B Intravenouse piggy back
Intra-articutar refers to medication administered into joint
Intrathecal refers to spinal medication
Intrathecal spinal medications include epidural, or caudal
Movement of a drung from the site of administration into the bloodstream is .. absorption
Most medications are detoxified by the.. liver
Most medications are excreted by the.. kidneys
The drugs main action for which it was perscribed by the physician is.. therapeutic (beneficial) effect
Drug actions that are undesirable but not unexpected side effects
Severe side effects are adverse reactions
Poisonous effects of a drug are toxic effects
An unusual or exggaterated allergic reation to a medication is called anaphylaxis
Undesirable interaction of drungs is incompatibility
A unique reaction to a medication is idosycrasy
A drug that deactivates another drug is called an antagonist
Two drug combining to produce an effect greater than the independent effect synergism
An example of a beneficial drug synergistic effect Tylenol (acetaminophen (APAP) & codine More analgesic effect than either have separately
An example of undesirable synergistic effect the combination of antihitimine & alcohol ( nyquil)
Ml milliliter
Ml is equal to cubi centimeter
L or l liter 1L = 1000mL
mg milligram
g { gm, Gm} gram
Addiction physical or physcological dependence on a drug, high tollerance, whitdrawl symptoms
Anorexiants medication used to treat obesity ( appetitie suppresants
Antineoplastics Medication used to treat maignancies (chemotherapy)
Antiseptics Medication used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms
Bacteriostatic inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Bore inside diamter of a needle (>#gauge; size of needle
Butterfly needle A small intravenous needle with plastic wings
contraindication reasos why amedication should not be administered
Disinfectants agents used to kill microorganisms
Insulin is measured in units Heparin, Vitamins, Inj. penicillin (PCN)
maintenance doses Periodic doses of a drug to maintain TI level
Miotics Medications used to consrtict the pupil (miosis)
Mydriactics Medications used to dilate the pupil (mydrisis)
Peak level Blood test to indicate the highest serum level of a drug
Prophylactics Medication used to prevent an occurance ex. BCPs, or OCPS, Antibiotics, Vaccines
Protocal Standardized written plan of treatment
titration (titrate) determining smallest dosage that will produce a therapeutic effect
Vasodialation ( Hypotension) Medication used to increase the size of the blood vessels
Vasopressors ( Hypertension ) vasoconstriction decease blood vessel in size
mcg {ug} microgram
kg kilogram 1kilo = 1000g or 2.2lb
M meter
cm centimeter
inch ./i inch 1 = 2.54 cm
1000 mg 1g
1000mL 1l
1000mm 1m
x ten
oz ounce= 30mL
Tbsp tablespoon=15mL
gt one drop
gtt drops
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