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Medical Language

Chapter 1-3

Hyper- excessive
Glyc/o sugar
-Emia blodd condition
Hypo- Under(or deficiency)
derm/o skin
-ic pertaining to
bi- two
later/o sides
-al pertaining to
echo- using sound
cardi/o heart
-gram a record
-graph the machine used to record
-graphy the process of recording
electro- eclectrical activity
Micro- small
-logy in the study of
-ist a speacialist
Supra- above
ren/o a kidney
epi- above
gastr/o stomach
-ic pertaining to
nephr/o kidney
lith/o stone (s)
-iasis abnormal condition
thrombo- clot
cyt/o cell (s)
-osis abnormal condition
pre- before
nat/i birth
post- after
prandi/o meals
sub- under
nas/o nose
a- no
men/o menstrual
-rrhea flow
intra- within
muscul/o muscle
-ar pertaining to
inter- between
vertebr/o vertebrae
endo- within
trache/o trachea
retro- behind
stern/o sternum
sternum A.K.A breastbone
trans- across or through
urethr/o urethra
Urethra Atube that carries urine from the urinary bladder to the outside world
anit- against
micro- small
bi/o life
bacteri/o bacteria
leuko- white
-penia a definciency
Created by: Jay92