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Fields of Med. Pract

Chapter 3 Combining Forms and Medical Specialties

cardi/o heart
chir/o hand
crin/o to secrete
dent/i teeth
dermat/o skin
enter/o small intestine
esthesi/o sensation
gastr/o stomach
gen/o origin or production
ger/o old age
gynec/o woman
Hemat/o blood
immun/o safe
laryng/o voicebox
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
obstetr/o midwife
onc/o tumor
ophthalm/o eye
opt/o eye
orth/o straight, normal, or correct
ot/o ear
path/o disease
ped/o child or foot
physi/o physical
plas/o formation
pod/o foot
psych/o mind
radi/o x-ray
vascul/o vessel
allergists/immunologists diagnosis,treatment,and prevention of allergic diseases,including asthma,and diagnosis management and therapy of immunologic diseases
anesthesiologist comprehensive medical management and anesthetic care before,during,and after surgery and long term pain management and critical care related to cardiac and respiratory emergencies
colon and rectal surgeon diagnosis,medical care,and surgical treatment of conditions related to the small intestine,colon,and rectum
dermatologist medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the skin and its appendages
emergency physician prehospital emergency medical care of acutely ill or injured patients; most commonly rendered in an emergency department of a hospital or a free-standing urgent care facility.
family practice/family physician comprehensive general medical care of individuals of all ages and their families
internal medicine/internist nonsurgical care centered around prevention, diagnosis,and treatment of diseases of adults
gastroenterology/gastroenterologist diagnosis and mangement of conditions related to the digestive system
geriatric medicine/geriatrician diagnosis and medical management of conditions affecting the elderly;also a subspecialty of family practice
hematology/hematologist deagnosis and treatment of blood disorders
nephrology/nephrologist nonsurgical treatment of kidney disorders
oncology/oncologist treatment of tumors and cancer
rheumatology/rheumatologist treatment of arthritis and related disorders
medical genetics/geneticist diagnosis,treatent,and prevention of genetic or inherited disorders;includes reasearch,labatory testing,and counseling
neurology/neurologist nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system
neurological surgery/neurosurgeon surgical and nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the nervous system and supportive structures, including blood vessels.
nuclear medicine/nuclear medicine physician use of radioactive substances to diagnose and treat disease;a dual specialty in other fields such as radiology,internal medicine,neurology and cardiology is common
obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN Obstetrics/Obstetrician care and treatment of mother and fetus throughout pregnancy,childbirth,and immediate postpartum period
gynecology/gynecologist medical and surgical treatment fo disorders of the female reproductive and urinary system
ophthalmology/ophthalmologist med/surg. treatment of the eye including vision care and services
orthopedic surgery/orthopedic surgeon orthopedist (orthopaedist) rehabilitative treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system including the bones,joints,muscles,ligaments,tendons,and nerves.
otolaryngology/otolaryngologist ENT (ear,nose,throat physician) med./surg. treatment of diseases and disorders of the ear,nose,throat,and adjoining structures of the head and neck
pathology/pathologist study of disease emphasizing examination of tissue for diagnosis,e.g.,biopsy,autopsy
pediatrics/peditrician comprehensive medical care of infants,children, and adolescents, with emphasis on disease prevention and helathful physical and mental development
physical medicine and rehabilitation physiatry treatment of patients suffering from neuromesculoskeletal disorders caused by illness or injury, e.g.,stroke,spinal cord injury
plastic surgery/plastic surgeon surgery for restoration, repair, or reconstruction of the body sturctures,e.g.,body contouring,skin grafting.
preventive medicine medical care that focuses on prevention of disease and health maintenance;specialty areas include: aerospace medicine,occupational medicine, public helath and heneral preventive medicine.
psychiatry/psysciatrist diagnosis,treatment, and preventionof mental,emotional,and behavioral disorders
radiology/radiologist use of ionizing and nonionizing imaging modalities, including x-ray, radionuclides,magnetic resonance, and ultrasound, to diagnose disease, or in therapies that involve imaging guidance.
surgery/general surgeon treatment of diseases and trauma requiring an operation
thoracic surgery/thoracic surgeon treatment of diseases, deformities, and trauma repuiring and operation within the chest, including the heart and lungs
urology/urologist surgical and nonsurgical treatment fo the male urinary and reproductive system and the female urinary system
Doctor of chiropractic medicine (D.C) treatment centered on manipulation of the spine to maintain function and balance in the body
Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) treatment of dental disorders requiring surgery
Doctor of podiatric medicine (D.P.M.) diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of the foot
Doctor of optometry (O.D.) diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of the eye, including vision care and services
Doctor of pshchology (Psy.D. or Ph.D.) counsel of patientswith mental or emotional disorders
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