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NVC Med Term Root

NVC Roots and combining forms

gastr/o stomach
muscul/o muscles
nephr/o : ren/i (o) kidneys
skelet skeleton
ur/e (a) (o) relating to urine
vascul/o (blood) vessels
abdomin/o abdomen
bacter bacteria
bas/o base
carcin/o cancer
cephal/o head
corp body
cost ribs
electr/o electric
fibrin/o : fibr/o fiber
lip/o fat
necr/o death
sarc/o flesh/tissue
thromb/o (blood)clot
viscer/o internal organs
angi/o vessel
cyst/o sac/containing fluid/urinary bladder
cyt/o cell
enter/o intestines
gynec/o : gyn/o woman/female
hemat/o blood
hepat/o : hepatic/o liver
mamm/o breast
pelv/io /o basin/pelvis
trache/o trachea, windpipe
uter/o uterus
onc/o tumor
path/o disease
cyan/o blue
erythr/o red
leuk/o white
melan/o black
xanth/o yellow
Derm/Cutane skin
cardi/o heart
bacteri/o bacteria
acous/o hearing
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
aer/o air
alveol/o hollow sac
ambly/o dull
amni/o amnion (sac around fetus)
andr/o male, masculine
anis/o unequal
aque/o water
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
articul//o joint
asthen/o loss of strength
audi/o hearing
aur/o : auricul/o ear
blast/o immature cell
bronch/o airway
hydr/o water
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