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Health chapter1 test

health chapter 1 lesson 1 tes

Describe good physical health good physical health is eating a healthy diet, getting at least 60 minutes of exersise each day
life style factors 8-10 hours of sleep, Eat nutritious meals 30-60 minutes of excersise each day, avoid tobacco and other drugs, bath and take care,
3 elements of health physical, mental/emotional, and social
Does your personal behavior only affect you? no
does heredity play a part in your life yes
what does longevity mean a long individual life
components of culture customs, beliefs, and behaviors
does education make us healthier yes
to be health literate do you need to know technical medical terms no
how should you see the mistakes you make a way to learn and not make those same mistakes again
what are lifestyle factors the personal habits or behaviors related to the way a person lives
recognizing risk factors not wearing seat belts drinking and driving speeding in the car drugs
risk factors smoking lack of physical health poor nutrition alcohol use sexual behavior behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence
how to avoid risk factors abstinence and preventions
Created by: gabrielkearns