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amino acid uses

Therapeutic uses of amino acids - nutrition level 3

arthritis, tumour development, infertility, weight loss, wound healing, low birth weight, atherosclerosis, diabetes, gastric ulcers arginine
fatigue, CFS, depression, athletes (endurance events) aspartic acid
infertility, cholesterol, cellulite, circulation problems, muscle weakness, CFS, fatty liver, glucose tolerance, cardiovascular disease, alzheimers, obesity, muscular dysfunction carnitine
all chronic disease, heavy metal detox, pollutant protection, chemical sensitivity, liver toxicity, burns, skin problems, aid iron absorption cysteine
childhood behavioural problems, improved mental function, detox brain and body of ammonia, dissolve or prevent kidney stones glutamic acid
protect from alcohol, memory problems, peptic ulcer, depression, immune system, cravings, fatigue, schizophrenia, senility, preserves glutathione glutamine
protect from alcohol, radiation and smoking damage, chelates heavy metals, cardio protective, ageing, IBD, cancer, HIV glutathione
muscle degeneration, skin and connective tissue regeneration, wound healing, energy epilepsy, hyperactivity, depression glycine
protects against radiation damage, chelates toxic metals, rheumatoid arthritis, sexual arousal, ulcers in digestive tract, nausea in pregnancy histidine
energy and recovery in athletes, low birth weight babies, pellagra, anorexia nervosa isoleucine
chronic pain, parkinson's, muscle wasting, muscle mass, body builders, diabetics, hyperglycaemia, wound healing leucine
herpes simplex, athletic performance, muscle building, surgery recovery, osteoporosis lysine
protect from cardio disease, arthritis, liver detox, chemical sensitivity, skin/nail probs, parkinson's, detox excess histamine, gallstones methionine
wound healing, stimulate immune system, auto immune diseases, increase strength and muscle mass ornithine
weight control, obesity, appetite control, pain control, ms, parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo phenylalanine
improve joint health, soft tissue injury, wound healing, ageing proline
epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes, stress, vision problems, gallbladder, fat malabsorption, downs syndrome, excessive alcohol use taurine
immune function, fatty liver, wound healing, depression, low energy states threonine
vascular migraine, depression, hyperactivity, weight problems, sugar cravings, sleep problems, menopause, depression, pain, restless legs tryptophan
parkinsons, depression, hay fever, grass allergy, hypothyroidism, blood pressure problems, weight loss, anxiety, depression, memory problems, adrenal exhaustion tyrosine
muscle wasting, energy and recovery for athletes, wound healing and post surgery valine
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