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amino acid functions

nutrition level 3

growth (kids), stimulates HGH, immune function, would healing, urea cycle, detoxifies ammonia, sexual maturity, insulin production arginine
protective to liver, detoxes ammonia and other toxins, energy cycle, immune system, enzyme function aspartic acid
sperm motility, reduces triglyceride, removes fatty acids from heart, mobilises fatty deposits, transfers fatty acids into cells for energy carnitine
detoxifies, antioxidant, strengthens hair, needed for collagen production, energy, fat burning, muscle building cysteine
needed for folate manufacture glutamic acid
brain fuel, detoxifies ammonia, maintains nitrogen balance, needed for formation of muscle glutamine
detox potential due to cysteine content (high sulphur element), inhibits damage to fat cells induced by free radical activity glutathione
detoxifies liver, inhibitory neurotransmittor synthesis of bile acids and nucleic acid, formation of skin and connective tissue glycine
maintains myelin sheaths, stimulates production of red and white blood cells histidine
regulates blood sugar and energy, helps form haemoblobin isoleucine
protein synthesis, energy production, tissue healing, recovery from surgery, lowers high blood sugar, increases growth hormone production leucine
kids growth and development, energy, collagen and skin repair, aids calcium absorption, bone growth, fat utilisation by muscles lysine
sulphur containing, antioxidant, detoxes heavy metals, strengthen hair and nails, detox liver, essential for bioavailability of selenium methionine
stimulates growth hormone, increases body metabolism of fat, immune and liver function, helps detox ammonia, enhances transport of amino acids ornithine
antidepressant, suppresses appetite, normal thyroid function, stimulates production of cholecystokinin (saiety) phenylalanine
muscles, collagen and elastin, skin, cartilage, tendon and joint health, energy source proline
sulphur rich, in animal foods, women need more, maintains bile solubility, fat digestion, helps heart, insulin, blood sugar levels, releases prolactin. taurine
constituent of antibodies, needed for synthesis of collagen, elastin and tooth enamel, found in pulses, helps metabolise fats threonine
mood stabiliser, phenylalanine, tyrosine and valine compete for brain uptake tryptophan
brain function, supplies neurotransmitters, moods, suppress appetite, concentration, energy, regulate BP tyrosine
nitrogen balance, mental function, muscle coordination, neural function, energy for muscles, uptake of neurotransmitter precursors valine
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