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Med Language Ch. 19

Turley - Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging - uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to form images - best for soft tissue structures
CT/CAT Computed (Axial) Tomography - three dimensional x-ray system which images bones well and gives much great detail than plain x-ray images.
radi/o- radiation;radius
KUB Kidneys, Ureters and Bladder - an single projection of the abdomen which includes these structures
Technetium99 - the most commonly used radiopharmaceutical in nuclear medicine
Nuclear Medicine an imaging modality which requires the use of radioactive isotopes which may be ingested, injected or inhaled. The radioactivity given off from the patient is then measured. (Primarily for metabolic and physiologic information.)
fluoroscopy real time x-ray study used to watch activity within the patient for instance, swallowing(live, like a movie)
Interventional Radiography Using x-rays or ultrasound guidance, a therapeutic, minimally invasive procedure is performed (rather than a surgical procedure)i.e angiplasty and cardiac stent placement
Sonography/Ultrasonography sound waves are used to create an image by being directed into the body tissues, than measured as they bounce off structures and return to the transducer
Doppler Ultrasound used to measure blood flow and direction within a vessel
echocardiography using ultrasound to look at the heart and the heart valves
PET positron emission tomography - an imaging modality using short half life radiopharmaceuticals to measure and image physiology and metabolism, often used in cancer staging