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Med Language Ch. 17

Turley - Psychiatry

psych/o- mind
-iatry medical treatment
affect outward display on a person's face
mood prevailing, predominant emotion someone is experiencing
obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) constant, persistent, uncontrollable thoughts which compel the patient to perform repetitive, excessive, and meaningless activities
generalized anxiety disorder dwelling on issues that involve "what if...?" and predicting or fearing the worst
panic disorder sudden attack of severe, overwhelming anxiety without an identifiable cause (may be mistaken for a heart attack or choking)
phobia intense, unreasonable fear of a specific thing or situation
acrophobia fear of heights
agoraphobia fear of crowds or public places
arachnophobia fear of spiders
claustrophobia fear of closed in places
microphobia fear of germs
ophidiophobia fear of snakes
xenophobia fear of strangers
thanatophobia fear of death
thanat/o- death
post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) continuing, disabling reaction to an excessively traumatic event (i.e. war, terrorist attack, torture, rape, kidnapping, etc.)
anorexia nervosa extreme, chronic fear of being fat and an obsession to become thinner
bulimia patients gorge themselves on food (binge eating) then, for fear of gaining weight, induce vomiting or overuse laxatives
bipolar disorder manic-depressive disorder; chronic mood swings between mania (limitless energy and exteme happiness) and depression
euphoria extreme happiness
schizophrenia most common type of psychosis where there is a chronic loss of touch with reality in most or all aspects of life
phre/o- diaphragm; mind
schiz/o- split
hallucinations false impressions of vision, smell, sound, taste or touch
catatonia stupor
hebephrenia childish, silly behaviour
catalepsy extremities stay fixed in whatever position they are placed.
autism inability to communicate or form meaningful relationships with others
ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity) disorder distractability, short attention span, inability to follow directions, restlessness, hyperactivity, emotional lability, and impulsivenss
Tourette's syndrome frequent, spontaneous, involuntary muscle tics, vocal tics, or comments that are socially inappropriate
amnesia parial or totalloss of long term memory due to trauma or disease of the hippocampus
delirium acute confusion, disorientation and agitation due to toxic levels of body chemicals, drugs oar alcohol in the blood that affect the brain
dementia gradual but progresssive deterioration of cognitive function due to old age or a neurologic disease
trichotillomania repetitive pulling out of hari from the head
trich/o- hair
till/o- pull out
ETOH ethyl alcohol (liquor)