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Med Language Ch. 16

Turley - Otolaryngology

ot/o- ear
laryng/o throat
pinna external ear
auricle external ear
external auditory meatus (EAM) opening in the external ear
external auditory canal (EAC) canal within the external ear
cerumen ear wax
tympanic membrane ear drum
tragus triangular cartilage anterior to the EAM
mastoid process a bony projection of the temporal bone, found just behind the external air (it is filled with tiny air cells)
myring/o tympanic membrane (ear drum)
ossicle small bone
nares nostrils
labi/o- lip
bucc/o- cheek
adenoids lymphoid tissue found on the roof and walls of the nasopharynx
acoustic neuroma benign tumor of the vestibulocochlear nerve
cholesteatoma benign tumor in the middle ear, containing cholesterol and epithelial cells
otitis externa bacterial infection of the external ear; "swimmer's ear"
vertigo sensation of motion when the body is not moving
epistaxis nose bleed
otitis media middle ear infection (bacterial), common in children
tinnitus sounds such as roaring, buzzing, hissing, or ringing) that are hear constantly or intermittently, even in a quiet environment
anosmia loss of sense of smell
polyp benign growth of a mucous membrane
rhinophyma redness and hypertrophy of the nose with small to large irregular lumps
gloss/o- tongue
cleft lip and palate congenital defect in which the lip and palate fail to fuse leaving an opening
cold sore lesion caused by a herpes simplex virus infection
thrush yeast infection of the mouth
leukoplakia precancerous condition of the mouth with thickened white patches on the mucous membranes
rhinoplasty surgical procedure to change the size or shape of the nose, "nose job"
ENT Ear, Nose, and Throat