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Med Language Ch. 8

Turley - Orthopedics -Skeletal System

orth/o- straight
ped/o- child
-ics practice;knowledge
cranial pertaining to the skull
ossicles three tiny bones of the middle ear
humerus upper arm bone
sternum breast bone
fossa shallow depression
clavicle collar bone
scapula shoulder blade
foramen hole in a bone (through which vessels or nervous tissues pass)
acetabulum deep socket of the hip joint
carpals eight wrist bones
phalanges bones of the fingers
digits fingers or toes
metacarpals five main bones of the hands
calcaneus heel bone
tarsal pertaining to the ankle
patella kneecap bone
metatarsal five main bones of the mid foot
hallux great (big) toe
femur thigh bone
ligament connective tissue that holds bones together
periosteum a thick fibrous membarane that covers a bone
diaphysis shaft of a bone
epiphysis widened end of a bone where growth takes place
medullary cavity center of a bone with is filles with yellow bone marrow
cancellous bone spongy bone found in the epiphyses which are filled with yellow bone marrow
cortical bone a layer of dense compact bone for weight bearing found along the shaft (diaphysis)
ossification the gradual replacing of cartilage with bone that takes place as the body matures
fontanel soft spot on a baby's head where the sutures are still open
lacrim/o- tears
axial skeleton bonesw of the head, chest and back
appendicular skeleton bones of the shoulder, upper and lower extremities
cervical vertebrae bones of the spinal column of the neck (7)
thoracic vertebrae Vertebrae T1 - T12 of the spinal column of the chest. (ribs attach to these vertebra)
lumbar vertebrae Vertebra L1 - L5 of the lower back
coccyx several small fused vertebra inferior to the sacrum (also know as the tail bone)
pelvis made up of the ischium, ilium and pubis.
joint anywhere two bones come together (articulate)
suture joint immoveable joint in the skull which contains no cartilage
symphysis joint a slightly moveable joint with a fibrocartilage pad or disc between the bones (between vertebral discs or the pubic bones)
synovial joint a fully moveable joint (hinge (knee, elbow) or ball and socket (hip and shoulder)) has two bones whose ends are covered with cartilage
-malacia softening of the tissues (including bone)
kyphosis abnormal forward curvature of the spine in the upper back causing a hump
oste/o- combining form meaning bone
lordosis abnormal forward curvature of the spine in the lumbar or cervical area (swayback)
anklyosis stiffening and immobility of a joint due to disease
hypotonia decreased muscle tone
spondylolisthesis any forward slipping of one vertebral body over another
chondr/o- combining form meaning "cartilage"
cost/o- combining form meaning "rib"
spondyl/o- spinal cord
-olisthesis abnormal condition with slipping