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Med Language Ch. 6

Turley - Hematology and Immunology

hemat/o blood
immun/o immune response
plasma clear, straw colored liquid that makes up 55% of the blood
hematopoeisis the process by which all of the formed elements in the plasma are produced
erythrocyte red blood cell
erythr/o red
-cyte cell
-poieses condition of formation
-blast immature cell
hemoglobin a red, iron carrying molecule which binds to and carries oxygen
leuk/o white
leukocyte white blood cell
platelet/thrombocyte a cell fragment active in the blood clotting process
thrombus blood clot
coagulation process of clotting
-stasis process of standing still; staying in one place
hemostasis cessation of bleeding
lymph fluid that flows through lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes
spleen a rounded lymphoid organ which removes old lymphocytes from the blood and stores whole blood.
kary/o nucleus
mon/o single
myel/o bone marrow
macr/o large
stem cell extremely immature cell in the red marrow that is the precursor to all other types of blood cells
serum fluid portion of the blood that remains after the clotting factors are activated to form a blood clot
thymus lymphoid organ in the mediastinum
phag/o to eat
phagocyte cell that eats
tox/o toxic;poisonous
anemia decrease in the amount of erythrocytes or the amount of hemoglobin (multiple causes)
coagul/o clotting
embolus a thrombus that has broken loose from where is formed and travels to another point in the body
lymphedema swelling of an arm or leg that occurs after surgery when a chain of lymph nodes has been removed
lymphoma cancerous tumor of the lymphocytes in the lymph nodes or lymphoid tissue
hematocrit (HCT) percentage of RBC's in a blood sample
phlebotomy procedure for drawing a sample of venous blood into a vacuum tube
-ectomy surgical excision