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310 Gordons Function

Gordon's Functional Health Patterns

Definition of Functional Health Patterns View the individual as a whole being using interrelated behavioral areas Data is collected and organized into the FHPs and displayed using a concept map
What does the nursing process consist of? Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation Evaluation
Nursing Assessment First step in nursing process Individualized Description of client's health status Reflects the whole individual and environment
Process of assessment Data collection - interview, observe, examine
Subjective data What the client states Health history Must have - client states.... or quotation marks
Objective data Nurse observation Physical exam findings Information from health records Results from clinical tests
How are functional health patterns characterized? By focus -pattern -individual-environmental -age-developmental -functional -cultural
What are the FHP Health perceptions/management Nutritional/metabolic Elimination Sleep/rest Self concept Values/beliefs Coping/stress Sexuality/reproductive Roles/relationships Cognitive/perceptual Activity/exercise
Health perceptions/management Health and safety practices Use of health care system Previous adherence/compliance pattern Knowledge of health services Health care seeking patterns Access to health care What are their beliefs about health?
Activity/exercise Movement capability Activity tolerance Self-care abilities Use of assistive devices Satisfaction level Perceived problems Daily/leisure activity Changes Vital signs
Cognitive/perceptual Ability to follow/understand directions Retain info Decision making Problem solving Language 5 senses Pain
Roles/relationship Individuals satisfaction with: -social circumstances - family, friends, work -role responsibilities -loss -changes -threats
Sexuality/reproductive Sexual self-concept Sexual functioning Intimacy patterns Reproductive issues Satisfaction Cultural influences
Coping/stress/tolerance Perception/level of stress Ability to manage stress Sources of support Defense/coping mechanisms Alterations to coping pattern
Values/beliefs Health belief model Spiritual beliefs, religious practices Personal values Perception of right/wrong Value conflicts Environmental influences
Self concept/self perception Personal identity Self-image Sense of worth Relationship patterns Developmental level Changes
Sleep/rest Sleep adequacy (quality/quantity) Relaxation Energy levels Perception Satisfaction
Elimination Function of bowel/bladder/skin Regularity Control Perceived problems Changes Frequency Wound drainage Sweat
Nutrition/metabolic Food/fluid consumption patterns Satisfaction Nutrient intake Metabolic demands Preferences Problems Metabolic indicators (temp, ht, wt) Physical Skin temp and color
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