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LPT Nervous/Sensory

Nervous and Sensory System

The two main divisions of the nervous system are: Central and Peripheral
The autonomic nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system and is made up of the __________ and ________ nervous system. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
If you are caring for someone who has feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness they might have the diagnosis of: depression
These two things make up the central nervous system: brain and spinal cord
The autonomic nervous system prepares the body for fight or flight and also tor restore normal functioning afterwards. The division responsible for fight or flight is the: sympathetic
A medication that is used for Parkinsons disease as well as for parkinsonlike symptoms that can occur with antipsychotic use is: cogentin
What class of drugs is used to treat schizophrenia? antipsychotics
Conscious thought processes, speech, hearing, and sight are controlled by which portion of the brain? cerebrum
A medical term for being difficult to arouse is: stupor
An unusual and potentially serious side effect of Dilantin is: gingival hyperplasia
A classic feature of schizophrenia is: psychosis
Two anticonvulsants that are also used as mood stabilizers are: DEPAKOTE and TEGRETOL
If you have lost blood supply to part of the brain due to a blood clot or bleed you may have had a: stroke
The medical term for slowness of movement is: bradykinesia
The medical term for stiffness is: rigidity
The medical term for shakiness is: tremor
What disease is characterized by bradykinesia, rigidity and tremor. Parkinsons
What is the gap between neurons called? synapse
The insulative covering of the nerve is known as the: myelin sheath
The disease that is chronic, progressive and attacks the myelin sheath is: Multiple Sclerosis
The cells that enable you to smell are known as these types of cells. olfactory
The medical term for dizziness is: vertigo
A medication that is used for seizures that is also a controlled substance is: Phenobarbitol
The sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system is called: "flight or fight" system
Treatment for Parkinsons is aimed at relieving symptoms because: There is no known cure
Sensory receptors provide the ability to: see, hear, feel, taste, smell
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