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NFPT Ch.2 part 1

The Cell Fiber

What are the 3 muscle tissue fiber types? Red Slow Twitch (Type I), Red Fast Twitch (Type IIA), and White Fast Twitch (Type IIB).
The Myofibrils in muscle tissue fibers are made up of two contractile proteins called.. Actin and Myosin.
The _______ is known as the 'powerhouse' of the cell. Mitochondria.
The Myofibrils are primarily affected by training what muscle tissue fiber? (4-6 rep range) White fast twitch muscle fibers.
What is the purpose of the Mitochondria? To produce and store cellular energy. (ATP)
What element manufactures body proteins? The Ribosomes.
The ribosomes occur in the _______ ___________ ___________. Rough Sarcoplasmic Reticulum.
What is the function of mRna in muscle tissue cells? To take instruction from the DNA to the Ribosomes.
What is the purpose of the Myofibrils? Allow the muscle to contract. Allows for strength and performance of work.
What type of exercises would primarily result in a larger amount of Cellular Energy Depletion? Light, high repetition sets, including lots of compound movements. (The more muscles used, the greater the energy used!)
To offset energy depletion and lactic acid build up, what should be done? Rest MOMENTARILY between REPETITIONS. This allows for a greater amount of oxygen to be taken to the working muscle fibers, and lessens the use of stored muscle glycogen.)
Offsetting energy depletion should NOT be followed in what type of training? During heavy intense training BECAUSE it can possibly cause hard tissue injury to client)
Created by: laceymp