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Chapter7/8Med Assist

Legal Ethical

When a wrong is commited to an individual and is usually rewarded in monentary rewards Civil law
When a wrong is committed against the welfare and safety of socient as a whole and is usually penalized with a fine or imprisionment Criminal law
Medical practice acts that regulate the practice of medicine with the intent of protecting citizens from harm Statutes or laws
A binding agreement between two or more persons Contract
Mentally incompetent, legally insane, or persons under drug or alcohol influence cannot_________ a contract sign
Failure to do what any reasonable and prudent health care professional wold do in the same circumstances is: a breeh of the standard of care or Negligence
Also known as professional negligence Malpractice
A wrongful act that results in injury to one person by another tort
What are two types of torts intentional and negligent
What is unpriviliged touching of one person by another Battery
Injuring another person's reputation. Defamation of character
Two types of defamation of character Libel and slander
false and malicious writing about another Libel
false and malicious spoken words Slander
unauthorized publicity of patient information, medical records being released without the persons knowledge and permission Invasion of privacy
Corrections are made in a chart by ________ a line through the error, putting error above the wrong information and your initials and date. drawing
The patient has the right to know and understand any procedure to be performed. Informed consent
This type of consent occurs when there is a life threatening event and the physician gives treatment without the patients consent Implied consent
Physicians have a duty to report diseases and injuries that jeopardize public health and welfare. These may include: transmittable or contagious disease, injuries form knives or gunshot wounds, births, deaths, rape, abuse, HIV, and sexually transmitted disease.
Providing medical care at the scene of an accident without the fear of being sued for negligence Good Samaritan Law
The Code of Ethics of AAMA contain ________ points 5
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