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LPT antieoplastic

Cells and Skin

If you have a tumor and it is not cancer what type of tumor is it? benign
Metastasis is cancer cells implanting themselves in other parts of the body
What medication might you use to relieve itching from poison ivy? calamine lotion
What causes pediculosis? lice
Hair loss is called: alopecia
Harmful microorganisms are called: pathogens
Cells that grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells, invade nearby healthy tissue, metastasize to other parts of the body are probably what type of cell? cancer
Accumulation of fluid in the tissues is known as: edema
Intercellular fluid or fluid that is found inside the cell in known as: cytoplasm
On the front of what record would you find a clients allergies listed? resident record
What is the most important substance for your body to take in? water
What are some signs of infection? redness, swelling, warmth, fever, pain
Pathogens cause: infection
Is psoriasis curable or treatable? treatable
The outermost layer of the skin that does not have blood supply is the: epidermis
What is the substance in a certain type of skin cell that gives a persons skin its color? melanin
What is the medical term for glands that produce sweat? sudoriferous glands
The oil that lubricates the skin and is produced by the sebaceous glands is: sebum
Drugs that kill parasites on the skin are known as: miticides
What structure of the skin does hair grow from? hair follicle
What is the name of an agent that inhibits the growth of microorganisms? antiseptic
Skin, hair, nails, sebacious glands, and sweat glands are grouped together to form what system? Integumentary System
If you had mites, what type of drug would you take to get rid of them? scabicide
What would an infection caused by mites be called? scabies
What type of drug would relieve itching? antipuritic
When body temperature goes up, what happens to the blood vessels in the skin? dilate
The second layer of the skin is called the: dermis
What layer of tissue attaches the skin to muscle and bone? subcutaneous
The hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sudoriferous glands and the sense receptors are in what layer of the skin? dermis
The body's natural response to injury is: inflammation
A pediculicide would get rid of what? lice
What 3 actions to topical corticosteriods have? antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive
What are some symptoms of dermititis? rash, itching
What is a skin condition that has symptoms of red lesions with dry silvery scales? psoriasis
What might be the result of skin coming in contact with an irratating substance? dermatitis
If you suspect someone has a skin infection what should you do first? take temperature
A group of cells that function together for the same general purpose are called: tissues
leukopenia is decreased white blood cells
stomatitis is painful inflammation of gums and mouth
a patient with stomatitis can help decrease symptoms by rinsing the mouth often, using a soft toothbrush or using a prescribed topical anesthetic
meals to offer patients experiencing nausea or vomiting should be small frequent high-protein meals that are high in calories
remission means disappearance of symptoms
how much of the body is composed of water about 66%
Malignant is cancer
Pruritis is itching caused by the release of histamine
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