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LPT Urinary

Urinary System

What is inflammation of the urethra? urethritis
What is measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a solution like urine? pH
What is the term for blood in the urine? hematuria
What class of drug reduces the body's fluid volume by stimulating urine flow? diuretics
What are the three main function of the urinary system? excretion of waste products, regulating the amount of water, regulating pH balance
The functional unit of the kidney is the: nephron
The medical term for a kidney infection is: nephritis
What muscular organ of the body stores urine? bladder
An infection of the bladder is also known as: cystitis
Which sex has the longer urethra, male or female? male
Excessive loss of water from body tissues is also known as: dehydration
The normal person has how many ureters? two
Filtration and reabsorption take place in what part of the kidney? nephron
In the female, the urethra is about how long? 1 1/2 inches
The bladder voids about this many ml of urine in a 24 hour period. 1500-2000
The medical term for pus in the urine is: pyuria
If someone has renal failure they must get their blood filtered by: dialysis
The male urethra is about how many inches long? eight
If you loose excessive amounts of fluid without replacing them you are _______________. dehydrated
If a physician is looking into a patients bladder with a flexible scope he is performing a ____________. cystoscopy
The medical term for less than 100 cc of urine production in 24 hours is ____________. anuria
What is the normal color of urine? pale yellow or straw colored
True or false: Vomited liquids should be charted as output on an I & O chart. True
If you feel like you need to urinate RIGHT NOW, you have a sense of what? urgency
What is the term for decreased urine output (100-400ml in 24 hours)? oliguria
What is the medical term for inability to control urination? incontinence
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in interstitial spaces is called __________________. edema
What is the approximate percentage of water in the urine of a hydrated person? 90-95%
What is the term for urination that does not start with a p? voiding
What is the main waste product in urine that is a by product of protein metabolism. urea
Urine is made up of water, urea and _________________. mineral salts
The kidneys excrete waste products, regulates fluid balance and regulates pH balance by filtering what body fluid? blood
If a diuretic causes you to urinate more frequently, what time of day do you think it would be best for a diuretic to be administered? morning
What is the medical term for a lack of potassium? hypokalemia
What are dissolved mineral salts that carry an electrical charge? electrolytes
A urinary anagesic that might turn urine an orangish color and stain clothing is _____________. Pyridium
What class of drug is potassium chloride (K-Dur, Kaon, K-Lor)? Electroylyte replacement
True or False: Side effects of diuretics include electrolyte imbalance, orthostatic hypotension, and abdominal distress. True
Furosemide(Lasix) is classified as what type of drug? diuretic
Since children have a higher percentage of body water they are more susceptable to the side effects of what class of drugs? diuretics
Blood is filtered in the glomeruli and then some of the liquids and salts are reabsorbed and some are excreted...true or false? true
If you excrete more water then you take in you become ____________. Dehydrated
Dysuria, oliguria, anuria and incontinence are all difficulties with urination that can be caused by taking drugs that affect the nervous system. True or False True
What is a sulfa drug that is commonly used to treat urinary infections? Bactrim
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