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my ch. 35

mental health

What is a muted disorder of bipolar? cyclothymic
An early phase of manic episode is ? hypomanic
Affective disorder (mood disorder) SAD(winter depression) Postpartum depression Bipolar Disorder Cyclothymic disorder
What is SAD treated with? ultraviolet light
TX for mood disorders? Antidepressants Lithium eclectroconvulsive therapy(ECT) psychotherapy
Why should lithium be monitored closely? because the therapeutic level and the blood toxicity are so narrow
What is lithium used for? Bipolar disease
Antidepressants for depression Prozac, Desyrel, Elavil, Effaxor
How long do antidepressants take to work? 2-4 weeks
Amitrityline side effects best to take in the pm. drug promotes sedation.
SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
fluoxetine(Prozac), paraoxetine(Paxil) SSRI that do not cause sedation effects that cause PT to stop taking thier meds.
Flooxetine(Prozac) should be taken in the morning to avoid insomnia
Lithium blood level 0.6 - 1.2mEq/L is common range for maintenence.
What kind of diet should you never do with a person on Lithium? Low salt diet - can cause toxicity
What other helpful aspect does Bupropion do? Helps w/smoking sessation
When would you use ECT electroconvulsive therapy? when drug therapy isn't working
What are the side effect of ECT h/a, convulsion, short term amensia
When would ECT therapy not be done when you don't have anyone to drive.
An IV for an ECT pt establishes neuromuscular blockade to reduce risk for spinal injury, bone fracture, muscle tears
Agorophobia pt avoid? people, places and events
Why do agorophobias avoid situations because they believe people won't help them when they have a panic attack in public.
interventions of agorophobia education coping skills blocking attacks with meds
How well do OCDs show emotion? not well, they find it hard to express emotions
other drugs to treat mental illness duloxetine(Cymbalta), bupropion(Wellbutrin), mirtazapine(Remeron).
Mood is defined by DSM-IV-TR prolonged emotion that affects a person's psyche.
Extremes in depression can range from 60-80%.
What is the reason for mood swings? Insufficiency or excesses of norenepherine or serotonin.
Excess and insufficiency Can be hereditary and sometimes from prolonged stress or brain trauma
compensation person makes up for a deficiency in one area by excelling in or emphasizing another area.
A boy who is small emphasises on academics rather than sports compensation
conversion a person who witnesses a murder then expresses sudden blindness w/no organic cause
Denial reality does not exsist
pt has MI has to severely chg. PE. then the pm nurse finds him doing situps and push ups denial
dissociation seperation and detachment of emotional significance and affect from and idea
the person who has been severely attacked smiles and jokes when retelling the story dissociation
identification person displays traits of another person or group
The teenager the dresses like a favorite rock star identification
Introjection quality of another is internalized and becomes part of the person
a child who follows her parents instruction when the parents are not present introjection
Projection attributing to toher traits that a person does not want to admit possessing-blaming shortcomings on someone else.
Student does poorly on an exam and states - The test was unfair, the teacher did not present the material correctly projection
Regression Behavior, thoughts, feelings, used at an earlier stage of development are exhibited.
8 year old that referts to bedwetting and thumb sucking regression
repression unconscious process of barring from conscious thought of painful, disagreeable thoughts.
psychiatric disorder dementia and delirium
Dementia slow and progressive worsening Altered mental state, irreversilbe
Alzehiemer's Disease most common disease of dementia, effects ability to do ADLs
Vascular deminia, 2cd most common deminia Nursing tech - reality orientation and safe environment
Negative behavior pattern apathy (avolition, social withdrawl, alogia, blunted emotional responses, anhedonia
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