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Medical Imaging

Allied Health II

radiation oncologist deals with the use of radiation in the treatment of cancer.
diagnostic radiologist creates images by x-rays, magnetic fields, sonar and radioactivity.
invasive imaging requires the introduction of contrast media into various systems of the body.
angiogram an image of both arteries and veins filled wtih contrast media.
arteriogram an image only of arteries filled with contrast media.
fluroscopy imaging process used to guide the catheter through the artery, into the heart, and then int othe coronary artery.
brachytherapy involves using radionyclide sources to treat trumors inside the body.
intravenous pyelogram kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder.
sialogram salivary glands
cystogram urinary bladder
upper gastrointestinal exam eso, stomach, and duodeum
nonincasive procedures maninly bones
MRI contains a large eletromagnetic field.
CAT scan obtains transverse cross-sectional anatomical images of the body.
bone denstiometry tech tests for osteoporosis
radiologic technologist maintain aseptic and sterile technique, transport patients, assist client on and off exam table.
safety factors perform procedure correctly the first time to elimate retakers, and use lead shielding apporns
PET scan metaboltic activitiy
anaphylaxis serve allergic reaction.
radiographs two dimensional images on x-ray film.
x-ray an electromagnetic wave that has a wave length much shorter than visible light.
bone densitometry tech. checks for osteoporosis.
sonographer use a transducer to pass harmless high frequency sound waves through the body.
quality management technologist perform test on imaging equipment to maintain proper calibration.
CT views the body in slices much like the slices of a loaf of bread.
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