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Health Test Prep

M-W 6:00-7:45

Name two types of stessors... Eustress and Distress
List (5) personal stressors... Death, Break-ups, Family Issues, Sex Problems, Pregnancy, Work, Traffic, Money, Quizzes, School
Name the three types of stress... Acute, Episodic, and Chronic
What causes stress? General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
Who developed (GAS)? Hans Selye
What is burnout? A state of exhaustion brought on by repeated emotional pressure.
What are several methods to deal with stress? Meditation, Journaling, Laughter, Biofeedback, Exercise, Hobbies, Rest.
How long can dramatic stress impair immunity? Up to one year.
What is homeostasis? Maintaining a stable and consistent physiological state.
What is allostasis? Body's ability to adapt to constantly changing environment.
What is psychoneuroimmunology? Field that studies interconnections of stress.
How does stress affect the heart? Rise in blood pressure; irregular heartbeat; clogs arteries; heightens risk for stroke or heart attack.
How does stress affect the immune system? Does not allow body to heal itself.
Which gender is primarily more stressed during the college years? Women.
Created by: awisniewski