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STI Vocabulary

Antibiotics drugs to fight bacterial infection
Asymptomatic No signs of illness of infection
Bacteria illness/infection that can be treated/cured with antibiotics
Pathogens Microbes that cause disease
Drug Resistant Pathogens that have lost their sensitivity to particular drugs
Immunity The body’s capacity for identifying, destroying, and disposing of disease causing agents
Infectious Diseases Diseases caused and transmitted from person to person, by microorganism or their toxins
Antibodies large protein molecules produced to fight invaders
T Cells Lymphocytes that can recognize invaders that cause illness
Pneumocysitis Carinii (PCP) A type of pneumonia characteristics of AIDS
Kaposi’s Sarcoma Abnormally rare skin cancer causing a purplish discoloration of the skin
Protease inhibitors Drugs that stop the action of an enzyme which ordinarily helps HIV to reproduce
Symptom Sings of illness infection
Vaccine A drug made from altered microbes or their poison injected or given by mouth to produce immunity.
Virus Diseases that cannot be cured; only treated with anti-viral medications
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) An infection of the fallopian tubes and pelvic cavity in females causing ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages.
Chancre A hard painless sore
Pap test A test for cancer of the cervix
Monogamous Having sexual relations with one partner only, excluding all others
Abstinence Refraining completely from sexual relations with other people
Spermicide A chemical that kills sperm
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