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LPT Eye Ear

Eye Ear

Drugs that DECREASE intraocular pressure treat what glaucoma
eye ___________ are often given at night due to the eye blurring after installation ointments
An infection of the LINING of the eye is called conjunctivitis
Common side effect of some eye medications is stinging and photophobia
True or False: You should always clean the ear with hydrogen peroxide prior to cleaning out the ear false
what term pertains to hearing or sound acustic
bacterial infection of the eyelid is blepharitis
angle at either end of the slit between the eyelids canthus
ear wax cerumen
Thin mucus membrane lining the eye sockets and eyelids conjunctiva
double vision diplopia
True or False: Administer eye drops when they are cold False
Protects the ear by trapping foreign materials and dust cerumen
Produces tears lacrimal gland
inflammation of mucus membrane lining back of eye and front of eye excluding sclera conjunctivitis
tympanic membrane eardrum
external auditory meatus ear canal
inflammation and infection of the epitheliunm of the auricle and ear canal external otitis
condition characterized by increased pressure within the eye caused by failure of aqueous humor to drain glaucoma
hard cyst on the eyelid resulting from blocked sebaceous gland hordeolum
How is congenital glaucoma treated surgery
what connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx eustachian tube
True or false: Clean the ear canal with a cotton tipped applicator False
Environmental noise can result in hearing loss
Diamox is used to treat Glaucoma
In general, does tear production increase or decrease with aging? Decrease
miotics treat glaucoma
ringing in the ears is tinnitus
The medical term for dizziness is: Vertigo
abnormal intolerance to light photophobia
pertaining to the eye or sight optic
True or False: Dry hard Cerumen is a greater problem in the older adult. True
When administering an eye ointment a person should look________ up
What color might the sclera turn as a result of aging? yellow
small cartilage projection in front external auditory meatus tragus
the white of the eye is the sclera
Carries information from the eyes to the brain. Optic Nerve
farsightedness that normally occurs between the ages of 40 and 45 presbyopia
A cataract in an opacity appearing within the_________ lens
Cells in the form of nontransparent specks that float across the visual field floaters
Drugs that dilate the pupil for an eye exam are called: mydriatics
pertaining to sound acoustic
Problems with the external or middle ear cause what type of hearing loss? conductive
The part of the ear that stands out from the body is the: auricle
A bacterial or fungal ear infection often associated with swimming is: external otitis
The increased pressure in the eye in glaucoma is caused by what fluid? aqueous humor
Opacity of the lens is called a what? cataract
For what side effect do we sometimes administer atropine sulfate, an eye drop, sublingually? dry mouth
latanoprost (Xalatan) and timolol maleate (Timoptic-XE)are used to treat: glaucoma
Cortisporin Otic drops would be used to treat an: ear infection
Pertaining to the ear: Otic
What is damaged due to the increase in pressure in the eye from glaucoma? Optic Nerve
Part of the eye that controls central vision Macula
Photoreceptors associated with seeing black and white and at night: Rods
Photoreceptors associated with seeing color and in bright light Cones
The Macula is a yellow spot located on: The Retina
The condition that causes central vision to be lost: Macular Degeneration
The part of the inner ear that maintains equalibrium: Vestibule
The snail shaped organ in the inner ear that converts vibrations into electrical signals: Cochlea
The small bones in the inner ear that transmit vibrations to the inner ear: Malleus, Incus and Stapes
The alteration in the perception of or sensitivity to high pitched sounds: Sensorineural hearing loss
Connects the middle ear to the nasopharnyx and equalizes air pressure Eustachian Tube
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