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Basic Med Terms

New Hire Class - October 2011

Cardiologist MD who specializes in treating the heart.
Dermatologist MD who specializes in treating the skin.
Geriatrician MD who specializes in treating older adults (generally patients who are 65 years or older)
Obstetrician Md who specializes in the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
Gynecologist MD who specializes in treating the female reproductive system.
Endocrinologist MD who specializes in treating diabetes.
Gastroenterologist MD who specializes in treating the digestive system.
Ophthalmologist MD who specializes in treating the eye. (illness)
Pediatrician Primary care MD who specializes in treating children and teens.
Optician Provider trained to grind fit, dispense corrective lenses and low vision devices by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.
Psychologist PHD who specializes in treating mental and emotional problems.
Psychiatrist MD who specializes in treating mental and emotional problems.
Pulmonologist MD who specializes in treating the lungs.
Urologist MD who specializes in treating urinary and male reproductive system.
PCP Primary Care Physician- a physician who provides primary care for members.
Internist Primary care MD who specializes in treating adult patients
Family Practitioner Primary care MD who takes care of all age ranges.
Provider Individuals or organizations providing health care services: this can include doctors and hospitals.
PT Physical Therapy- Rehabilitation concerned with restoration of function and prevention of physical disability following disease, injury or loss of body part.
Primary Care Basic level health care usually rendered by pediatricians, family practitioners, or internist. This type of care emphasizes caring for all of the patient's general health needs as opposed to a more specialized approach to medical care.
Member Any subscriber, dependent (child, spouse) that is eligible for services.
Teenage Medicine Medical department that specializes in providing care for teens and young adults from 13 through 18 years old.
Per Diem Non partner provider. Compensation is Per day rate/contracted rate.
Outpatient Care All health services provided of a patient who is not admitted to any inpatient facility physician's office, clinic, patients home or hospital outpatient dept.
Urgent Care Medical problems that are not emergencies yet require medical attention usually within 24 to 48 hours.
ICU Intensive Care Unit- medical treatment in excess of normal treatment, usually provided on an inpatient basis in a hospital's intensive care unit or critical care unit. (CCU)
Home Health Services Medical, nursing homemaker or other health related services provided at an individuals home by health care personnel under professional supervision.
Hospice An inter disciplinary program of palliative (ease the pain) care and supportive services that address the physical, spiritual, social and economic needs of terminally ill patients and their families.
Mental Health Services A wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services used in the treatment of mental health/substance abuse.
Emergency A sudden and/or serious accident of illness, which happens without warning and may be life threatening, and requires immediate medical attention.
DMHC Department of Manged Health Care- the regulatory body for HMO's in the state of California.
Facility Any physical location that provides health care services to members.
MOB Medical Office Building.
Out-of-Network Non emergency services incurred by a member outside of Kaiser and without PCP referral or authorization.
Grievance The process by which an enrollee expresses dissatisfaction with the HMO and seeks recourse. May also refer to the process whereby an employee files an in house complaint against the employer.
Member Services Department responsible for interfacing with members, answering questions and solving member problems.
Referral Written notification issued by the PCP for services to be rendered by a specialist, therapist and NP's.
Generic Prescription An order for a drug identified by its official, commonly adopted, non-brand (generic) name.
Prescription Drug Medications which are available to the public by order of a physicain and administered under his/her supervision. Such prescriptions are filled by a pharmacist and are not available "over the counter."
QA/I Quality Assurance/Improvement - System designed to assure and improve quality of a product or service.
Coumadin A trademark for the drug warfarin sodium.
Gout A form of acute arthritis that causes severe pain and swelling in the joints.
Fibroid A benign tumor in the uterus.
Thyroid A gland in the neck overlying the windpipe that regulates the speed of metabollic processes by producing a hormone, thyroxin.
Chronic Of a disease or disorder persisting for a long period, often for the remainder of a person's lifetime.
Acute (of a disease or disease symptoms) beginning abruptly with marked intensity or sharpness, then subsiding after a relatively short period.
Podiatrist MD who specializes in treating the foot.
Rheumatologist MD who specializes in treating arthritis and rheumatism.
Orthopedist MD who specializes in treating surgery on bones, joints and muscles.
Head and Neck MD (HNS or ENT) MD who specializes in treating ears, nose and throat.
Oncologist MD who specializes in treating cancer.
Optometrist Provider who specializes in treating the eyes when disease is not involved. (i.e. glasses/contacts)
Neurologist MD who specializes in treating the brain and nervous system disorders.
D.O Doctor of Osteopath.
NP Nurse Practitioner- a nurse who has specialized advanced skills in diagnosis, psychosocial assessment, and patient management and is permitted to prescribe certain drugs.
CNM Certified Nurse Midwife- A state licensed registered nurse who is qualified to manage the care of women and/or newborns during the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum periods, and to provide expressly limited well-woman health care.
RNP Registered Nurse Practitioner
O.D Abbreviation for Doctor of Optometry.
Fellow A physician who enters a training program in a medical specialty after completing residency, usually in a hospital or academic setting.
Resident A physician in one of the postgraduate years of clinical training after the first, or internship, year. The length of residency varies according to the specialty.
PA Physician Assistant- one who has been trained in an accredited program and certified by an appropriate board to perform certain of a physician's duties, including history taking, PE, diagnostic tests, treatment, and certain minor surgical procedures.
Radiology the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Diagnostic Radiology Medical imaging using external sources of radiation.
Diagnostic Imaging Use of radiographic, sonographic and other technologies to create a graphic depiction of the body part(s) in question.
Triplicate Prescription a prescription for controlled drugs in which the physician keeps one copy of the prescription (RX) for 5 years and sends 2 copies with the patient to the pharmacist.
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