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LPT med adm chap 5

active ingredient the ingredient in a drug that produces the therapeutic effect
concentration the amount of drug in a certain amount of liquid
enteric-coated coated with substance that dissolves in the intestine but not in the stomach
incident report a form used for giving information about a drug error, patient injury or accident
inhalation administration of drugs by way of droplet or mist that the patient breaths in
insertion placement of an object into a body cavity (e.g. putting a suppository into the rectum)
PRN order drug order to administer a drug as needed
soluable capable of being dissolved
stat order a single drug order that is administered immedciatley
abbreviation for under the tongue subl
abbreviation by mouth PO
abbreviation for inside the cheek buc
abbreviation for drop gtt
abreviation for medications given as necessary ad lib., PRN
abbreviation for before or after meals a.c., p.c.
abbreviation for nothing by mouth NPO
Abbreviation for syrup syp.
abbreviation for tincture tinc.
abbreviation for suppository supp.
abbreviation for capsule Cap.
abbreviation for tablet Tab.
abbreviation for solution Soln.
abbreviation for suspension Susp.
Sustained release capsules define contain several doses of a medication with special coating that dissolve at different rates so the medicine is released gradually. Other names are delayed release and timed release.
In sublingual and buccal administrations, no ___is permitted until the medication is dissolved. drinking or eating
What is the important rule to remember when administering delayed release tablets and capsules? do not crush
Translate: Darvon caps 65mg q4h prn for pain Darvon capsule 65 milligrams every four hours as necessary for pain
Translate: Phenobarbital elix. 1 tsp (20 mg) at bedtime. Phenobarbital elixir 1 teaspoon (20mg)at bedtime
Translate: Keflex 250mg caps q6h po Keflex 250 mg capsules every 6 hours orally
Lotrimin 1% cream bid x 2 weeks Lotrimin 1 percent cream twice a day for 2 weeks
Bacitracin ophth. oint. in the right eye tid for conjuctivitis Bacitracin ophthalmic ointment in the right eye three times a day for two weeks
Pro-Banthine tabs. 15 mg a.c. Pro-Banthine tablets, 15 mg before meals
Acetaminophen 120 mg R supp. qid Acetaminophen 120 mg rectal suppository four times a day
Where should drugs labeled "for external use only" be stored. in a labeled cabinet separate from drugs for internal use
What are the seven rights of medication administration right drug, right patient, right dose, right time, right route, right technique, right documentation
What is the best way to split a scored tablet? with a pill splitter or a sharp knife
What must be counted or measured at the beginning of each shift controlled medications
Where should controlled substances be stored In a locked cabinet that has limited access by staff
What time is this in regular clock time 2000? 8:00 pm
What time is this in regular clock time 1400? 2:00 pm
What time is this in regular clock time 1330? 1:30 pm
T/F The elderly and young patients take oral drugs better if ingredients are added to make them taste better true
Alcohol solutions such as spirits, elixirs, fluidextracts, and tinctures should be kept in a tightly capped bottle
When measuring fluidextracts, it is best to use a medicine dropper
Suspensions such as magmas, emulsions, and gels should be shaken before use
A liniment is administered by rubbing it into the skin
A lotion should be patted on the skin
An ointment can be instilled in the eyes only if it is labeled "Sterile-Ophthalmic Use"
Parenteral administration can be performed by any medical personnel specially trained and certified to give injections
A medication order must always be signed by the physician
You are wondering whether a certain drug needs to be refrigerated. The best place to look for the answer is on the drug label
Keeping medication room clean helps to prevent medication errors
The correct way to dispose of any drug is check with the policy of your facility
The basic rules and regulations of medication administration never change
When setting up medications, read the label __times three
If you make a medication error, your best course of action is to report it and review the events that led up to the error.
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