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LPT med adm chap 3

LPT med adm chap 3 dosage

1cc is = ___ml 1cc is = to 1 ml
1 liter is equal to about 1 quart (qt)
30cc is = to 1 oz or 2 tablespoons (tbsp)
5cc is = to 1 teaspoon (tsp)
15 cc is = to 1 tbsp
8 oz of water is =____cc or ml 240 cc
6 oz of juice is =____cc 180 cc
60 gtts is = to ____. 5 cc or 1 tsp
T/F another name for intravenous (IV) is parenteral therapy true
A patient was given 10 gtt of potassium iodide at bedtime; 10 gtt means 10 drops
A patient was given a liter of saline solution intravenously. A liter is about 1 quart
A patient with anxiety is to receive 20 mg of Librium 4 times a day. You have 5mg tablets from the pharmacy. How many of these tablets should you give the patient for one dose? 4
The pharmacy has sent up Lasix for a patient. The bottle is labeled "10mg per ml" The physicians order calls for a dose of 40 mg twice a day. How much is the correct dose to give the patient? 4 ml
The doctor ordered one teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol for your patient. You do not have teaspoon on hand to measure it, but you to have a medicine cup marked in milliliters. So you give the patient 5 ml
Ampicillin is sent up from the pharmacy in 100 mg scored tablets. The doctor has ordered 250 mg for a patient to be given 4 times a day. For one dose you would give the patient 2 1/2 tablets
After calculating a dose of medicine for a patient, you feel unsure about the amount. You feel it might be too high. You should ask the nurse in charge to check your calculation
One quart is equal to how many oz? 32 oz (4 cups to one quart, 1 cup is = 8oz so 4 x 8 =32)
The doctor orders 250mg of Erythromycin. The pharmacy sends up a bottle of 50 mg tablets. How many tablets will you give? 5 tablets
The depekene syrup you have has 125mg/5cc. You need to administer 250mg. How much do you give? 10cc
Sarah has been on a full liquid diet. So far today she has had 2 cups apple juice, 8 oz water, 3 c jello, 60cc milk. So far today she has had ____ml 1500ml
Charlie needs a total of 2500cc of fluid intake in a 24 hour period. So far he has had: 16oz jello, 2 cups juice, 240cc water, 2 tsp water. How many cc's of fluid does he still need? 1270cc
The physician orders atropine sulfate 1 drop of 1% solution to be administer to the left eye daily. Available is 0.5% solution. You will administer __ drops to your patient. 2 drops
The physician orders betaxolol (Betoptic) 1 drop of a 0.5% solution to both eyes daily. Available is 0.25% solution. You will administer ___drops to your patient. 2 drops
The physician orders Zithromax suspension 400 mg daily. Available is 200 mg/5ml. Prepare to administer ___ml to your patient 10 ml
The physician orders Zantac 50 mg by mouth tid. Available is 25mg/ml. Prepare to administer ___ml to your patient. 2 ml
The physician orders conjugated estrogen 0.625 mg orally. Available are 1.25 mg tablets. You will administer ___tablets to your patient 1/2 tablet
The physician orders indomethacin suspension 50mg orally bid. Available is 25mg/5ml. You will give your patient ____ml. 10ml
Created by: LPT Program