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Anatomy NETA

Terms and Definitions

What is the term for deviding the body into right and left halves, it is also known as the midline? Median
What is the term for the front of the body? Anterior
The back of the body Posterior
THe movement or location of a body part toward the outside of the body. Lateral
Movement or location of a body part toward the middle of the body. Medial
Closer to the reference point or the center of body? Proximal
Away from the reference point or the center of the body. Distal
What are the three planes that occur in human movement? A)Sagittal B)Frontal C)Transverse
How many bones does the skeleton consist of? The Skeleton Consists of 206 BONES.
The skull,spine sternum and ribs are considered the __________ skeleton. Axial
How many bones is the AXIAL SKELETON made up of? 80 Bones
The arms and legs are considered the __________ ___________. )Appendicular Skeleton
How many bones does the Appendicular Skeleton consists of? 126 Bones
As the body ages bone tissue _________. Ossifies
What is responsible for rigitity in bones? Mineral Content
What nutrient is responsible for making bones resistant to tension? Protein
What provides the necessary force for motion to occur? Muscles
Bones are divided into four classifications What are the classifications? A)Long B)Short C)Flat D)Irregular
What is the bone classification for limbs,fingers and toes? Long Bones
Which bones provide rigid lever for movement? Long Bones
What type of bones are the wrist and ankle bones? Short Bones
What bones provide greater strength but decreased movement capability? Short Bones
The ribs,ilia and scapulae are classified as what type of bones? Flat Bones
Which bones serve as broad sites for muscle attachment? Flat Bones
The ischium,pubis and vertabrae are classied as ___________ bones. Irregular
Which 3 bones serve as internal organ protectors as well as sites for muscle attachment? A)Ischium B)Pubis C)Vertabrae
What are the three major types of joint articulations in the body? A)Immovable B)Slightly Moveable C)Moveable
What 2 types of joint articulations allow for little or no movement? A)Slightly moveable B)Immovable
Synarthrodial Means Immovable
Diarthrodial Means Moveable
Amphiarthrodial Means Slightly moveable
Cartiliginous Means Slightly Moveable
Synovial Means Moveable
What type of membrane surrounds a joint cavity? Synovial Membrane
What is the fluid secreted by the Synovial membrane? Synovial Fluid
What is the purpose for Synovial fluid? Synovial Fluid Lubricates joints
Two examples of Ball and Socket Joints Hip and Shoulder
Two examples of Hinge Joints Elbow and knee
One example of a Saddle Joint Carpal an Metacarpal thumb joint
One example of Ellipsoid or Condyloid Joint Wrist
One example of Pivot joint The Skull on the first cervicle vertebrae rotates around the second cervicle vertebrae.
An example of Gliding Joint The Intercarpal Joints of the hand.
Which joint has combinations of hinge,pivot and gliding? The Knee
Which of the joints in the human body is the most complex? The knee
How many bone/vertebrae doed the spine consist of? 33 vertebrae in the human spine.
The Human Spine consists of ___________ and __________. Bone and cartilidge
The spine extends from the base of the ________ to the _________. Skull to the Pelvis
How many vertebrae does the cervicle portion of the spine consist of? 7
What portion of the spine supports the skull and neck? Cervicle Portion
How many vertebrae are in the Thoracic portion of the Spine? 12
Which of the spines vertebrae are the largest? Lumbar vertebrae
How many Lumbar vertebrae are there? 5 Lumbar Vertebrae
What is the job of the Lumbar Vertebrae? The Lumbar Vertebrae carries the largest portion of body weight.
What is the Thoracic Portions job? The Thoracic Portion of the Spine joines the ribs to support the thorax.
How does the Lumbar Curvature develop? The Lumbar Curvature develops by walking and standing erect.
How many vertebrae are in the Sacrum? There are 5 vertebrae in the sacrum.
The 5 vertebrae in the Sacrum __________ together to form a single ___________. The 5 Vertebrae in the Sacrum Fuse together to Form a single Bone.
What does the Sacrum do? The Sacrum tramsmits body weight to the Pelvic Girdle.
How many vertebrae are in the Coccyx? Are the vertebrae fused? 2-4 Fused vertebrae
What are the 5 main movements the spine is capable of? Flexion,Extension,Lateral Flexion,Rotation and Circumduction.
What are the 3 general tpes of muscle tissue? Cardiac,Smooth and Skeletal
The _________ muscle tissue is extremely efficiant,fatigue resistant and adapted to the needs of the heart. Cardiac Muscle Tissue
The Cardiac Muscle Tissue is an _____________ muscle. Involuntary Muscle
What type of muscle lines the artery walls? Smooth Involuntary Muscle Tissue
What type of muscle is skeletal muscle? Voluntary
Skeletal Muscles produce ________that is translated into ___________. A)Force B)Movement
What type of muscle make up 40% of the human body? Skeletal Muscle
What muscle is the main focus for a fitness Professional? Skeletal
Skeletal muscles consist of long cylyndricle cells called __________. Muscle Fibers
Each Muscle Fiber is composed of smaller units called _________________. Myofibrils
What are myofibrils encased in? Sarcolemma
What is a Sarcolemma? Connective tissue
What is the geletin substance surrounding myofibrils? Sarcoplasm
What is the "PowerHouse of a cell? Mitochondria
Where is the most energy for a muscle contraction produced? Mitochondria