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LPT Med Adm chap 1

LPT Med Adm chap 1

Action the drugs chemical effects on body cells
adverse reaction an unintended and undesirable effect of a drug
brand name proprietary or trade name, licnesed name under which a drug prepared by a specific manufacturer is sold (Bufferin)
contraceptives drugs used to control fertility and prevent pregnancy
contraindication conditions in which the use of a certain drug is dangerous or ill advised
Controlled substances potentially dangerous or habit forming drugs whose sale and use are strictly regulated by law
diagnostic drugs drugs used to diagnose disease
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration, the only legal US drug enforcement agency
FDCA Food Drug and Cosmetic Act: mandates that drug manufacturers test all drugs for potentially harmful effects and drug labels must be complete
generic name official nonpropriatary name assigned to the drug by the manufacturer (aspirin)
OTC Over the counter drugs available without a prescription
pallative drugs drugs used to improve the quality of life but not to cure or treat a condition
pharmacodynamics study of the body's response to a drug
pharmacology study of drugs (uses, preparation, routes, laws)
PDR Physician's Desk Reference, a widely used drug reference book
prescription drugs drugs that can only be dispensed with a Dr. order or other health care provider such as physicians assistant or nurse practitioner
psychology study of the normal and abnormal processes of the mind
side effects desirable or undesirable effects of drug apart from the primary purpose for giving the drug
standards rules ensuring uniform quality, strength and purity
therapeutic effect the desired or predicted psychological response caused by a drug
USPDI United States Pharmacopeia Dispensing Information official reference for pharmacists or persons administering medication
USP/NF United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary official book listing standardized drugs
4 sources of drugs plants (digitalis, morphine, codeine), animals (insulin & heparin), minerals (iron calcium), and synthetic
T/F Vitamins and minerals are drugs given to keep the body systems functioning normally true
An example of a diagnostic drug is: iodine
The generic name for acetylsalicylic acid is aspirin
A physician may prescribe a drug by a ____name or a trade name generic
Drugs that inoculate the body against disease microorganisms are vaccines
Always ask patients who are to receive iodine for a diagnostic test if they have an allergy to shellfish
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