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Muscle Physiology PT

Fast and slow twitch muscle fibers

Which of the muscle fibers are the most efficient and best equipped to extract and use oxygen during energy production? Oxidative
What refers to the speed and force of the muscle contraction? Contractile
What refers to the type of energy production? Metabolic
Which of the skeletal muscle fibers are used mainly for endurance? Slow Twitch
Which of the skeletal muscle fibers are used for burst of speed and aerobics? Fast Twitch
What are the factors that make slow twitch muscle fibers fatigue resistant? Hgh concentration of OXIDATIVE ENZYMES and a high level of myoglobin.
Slow Twitch muscle fibers are also known as _____________? Type I Muscle Fibers
What is Myoglobin a form of? Hemoglobin
What is Hemoglobin? HEMOGLOBIN is an oxygen carrying component of the red blood cells
What will Training aerobicly help develop? SLOW TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS
What are the Primary muscles called into action during CRE training? Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers
Fast Twitch is also known as what? Type II Muscle Fibers
Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers are subdivided into what two subtypes? IIa and IIb
Which of the muscle fibers are considered the true Fast Twitch Fibers IIb is considered the true fast twitch.
Which of the muscle fibers are considered intermediate in their contractile speed? IIa
What muscle fibers are well developed capacity for both aerobic and anaerobic energy transfer? IIa
Which of the muscle fibers have the greatest capacity for chemicle transmissions and the highest concentration of enzymes? IIb
What is needed for anaerobic energy transfer? An high concentrations of enzymes
Type IIb muscle fibers rapidly use __________ Calcium
What vitamin needed for all muscle contractions? Calcium
What muscle fibers have the ability to generate fast and forceful contractions but fatigue rapidly? Type IIb muscle fibers
Which of the muscle fibers can increase in size by 70% due to Increased thickness? Type IIb muscle fibers
What type of athlete shows a predominance of slow twitch muscle fibers in the muscles they use most often? Endurance Athletes
Which Athletes show a predominance in fast twitch muscle fibers in the muscles they use for their activity? Speed and/or power athletes
What type of training will help to develop slow twitch muscle fibers? Aerobic Training will help to develop slow twitch muscle fibers.