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pike 2011 D

nutrition quiz D

Upon eating a hamburger in what organ is the hydrolysis of its proteins initiated?
If the diet is lacking an essential amino acid what will be the course of action?
What is the most likely explanation for the fatty liver that develops from protein deficiency? D. Inability of the liver to synthesize lipoproteins for fat export
Which of the following do(es) not function as a transport protein? A. Collagen
What is the process by which heat or acidity disrupts the normal shape of a protein chain? C. Denaturation
Which of the following can raise the energy needs of a critically ill patient? B. mechanical ventilation
The function of protease is to A. hydrolyze proteins
What primary factor governs the quality of a food protein? B. Essential amino acid content
What element is found in proteins but not in carbohydrates and fats? D.
Which of the following statements is not characteristic of enzymes? D. They are involved in synthesis reactions only
Which of the following is not a characteristic of marasmus? B. Affects brain development only minimally
Which of the following is a feature of an essential amino acid? B. It must be supplied by the diet
Protein sparing in the body is best achieved when a person ingests C. adequate levels of carbohydrate and fat
As a result of immune and inflammatory responses to stress all of the following changes occur except
For critically ill patients _____ provide the majority of energy.
Clinicians suggest providing _____ to meet protein daily requirements for most patients under severe stress. B. 1.0 to 2.0 g protein/ kg bodyweight
A whole-body response to inflammation that persists for more than a few days and remains unresolved is called A. systemic inflammatory response syndrome
In response to metabolic and respiratory stress the body experiences B. breakdown of muscle mass
After digestion of proteins what products are absorbed into the circulation?
During metabolic stress which of the following metabolic changes would be expected?
Created by: erjlkj