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health promotion

Steps in designing and completing a survey

This step includes determining a. survey objectives b. monetary resources c. time resources d. personal resources Planning the survey
a survey should be designed to accomplish the objectives and should reflect data needs, data collection techniques, and resources Designing the survey
the method chosen should match the survey objectives and fit resource constraints. Collecting the data
an appropriate method of data analysis, consistent with the type of data being collected and the goals of the needs assessment, should be chosen Planning data analysis
from the survey objectives and design come a. the target population b. the sample size and selection, and c. appropriate interviewers, if interviews are to be conducted Drawing the sample
the questions formulated for a survey are the utmost importance and require detailed attention. Use existing validated questions when possible. All questions should match the objectives Constructing the questionnaire
the survey should be pretested with a sample comparable to the target population Pretesting the questionnaire
Revisions should be based on finding from the pretest. if there are extensive population Revising the questionnaire
The method chosen (mail, email, telephone) should fit the nature of the data to be gathered and the objectives of the survey Administering the survey
Data preparation includes coding the question and responses for tabulation and designing contingent values to limit data entry errors Preparing the data
Data entered should be tested for accuracy and for errors in coding Entering Data
A frequency count should be conducted to ascertain how many answers are in each of the categories for every questions Tabulating
Analysis varies according to the purpose of the study, but it generally includes calculating percentages, averages, and relational indices and performing test significance Analyzing
The report should reflect all the previous steps outlined including the objectives, hypotheses, reliability of results, and recommendations for actions. Reports often include an executive summary of the methods and major findings for the study Recording and Reporting
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