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LPT NS oxygen

LPT nursing skills

Oxygen can only be ordered by___? a physician
Oxygen is measured by___? liters, example 2L
Postural drainage is: drainage by gravity of secretions from the lungs
The exchange of gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide take place ___? the alveoli
A person is on oxygen using a nasal cannula, you need to shave him with an electric razor, what should should you do. Remove the nasal cannula and turn of the oxygen, then shave him
Why does working with oxygen require special safety precautions Oxygen makes other things burn
Which of the following is a flammable liquid? lotion, sweat, nail polish remover, urine nail polish remover
Can technicians adjust oxygen levels? It is rare. Only if there is a clear order to indicate a graduated increase or decrease in oxygen flow to maintain a specified level of oxygen
When suctioning someone you should suction in 15 second increments T/F True
What is the most common indication for suctioning? ineffective coughing of secretions
Early symptoms of shortage of oxygen are: increased rapid pulse, rapid shallow respirations, changes in vision, dizzy
After suctioning someone the first assessment you would do is? Make sure their breathing is better
The most common method of adminstering oxygen is using a nasal cannula
When using an oxygen tank you should always make sure it is secured in a stand or the wall
Oxygen is explosive? T/F False
The use of wool or polyester blankets is a safety concern when using oxygen T/F True: causes static electricity that can spark
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