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LPT NS GT feeding

LPT nursing skills

Where does digestion begin In the mouth
Aspiration of water or food is OK from time to time? False: It is a life-threatening situation that can cause suffocation or lead to pneumonia or death
What is the purpose of a gastrostomy tube? To supply nutrient, fluids, and medications to an individual who cannot take them by mouth
To begin completing an enteral feeding you must have? A physicians order for the enteral feeding.
Who can replace a g-tube? a nurse or physician
If the g-tube is pulled out, what should you do? follow the individual's LTNCP and emergency directions.
If you are completing an enteral feeding for a person and they begin to vomit, what should you do first? Stop the feeding and make sure the person is sitting upright.
How often should the stoma site be cleaned? As ordered by the physician or in the LTNCP. It could be as often as three times a day
T/F An individual with a g-tube cannot go swimming? False
T/F Some individuals with a g-tube can eat food by mouth? True, only if they have a doctor's order. Generally here the person is NPO
T/F You should not wear gloves when administering enteral feeding? False, you should always wear disposable gloves.
T/F Red, irritated skin at the stoma site may be a sign of a problem or infection. True, you should always contact a nurse to assess.
T/F Instructions to administer and care for enteral feeding for all individuals are the same? False, there are different formulas, different schedules, different amounts of water, different types of tubes and care of tubes.
When a person is fed by tube, his salivary glands are not stimulated. Becuase this is true one important aspect of nursing care would be frequent mouth care
Nasogastric tubes can be used for feeding and also removing accumulated gas or secretions true
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