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Health Questions

Semester 1 Final

a condition in which the small airways in the lungs narrow, making breathing difficult asthma
medicines that help control the effects triggered by histamines antihistamines
chemicals in the body that cause the symptoms of the allergic reaction histamines
an extreme sensitivity to a substance allergy
a protein made in the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose in the blood insulin
a formula you can use to determine if your weight is appropriate for you BMI (Body Mass Index)
a surgical procedure in which an instrument with a tiny balloon, drill bit, or laser is inserted into a blocked artery to clear the blockage angioplasty
when cancer signs and symptoms disappear remission
are characteristics or behaviors that increase the likelihood of developing a medical disorder or disease risk factors
substances that cause cancer carciogens
tumors that are not cancerous benign
tumors that are cancerous malignant
disease that is characterized by the rapid and uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells cancer
a mass of abnormal cells tumor
bleeding hermonage (spelling)
blood clot thrombolism
floating blood clot embolism
bulge in an artery wall caused by high blood pressure aneurysm
second leading cause of death in non-communicable disease cancer
What are three ways to treat cancer? surgery, chemotherapy, radiation
is the only true way to see if a tumor is cancerous or not is by examining a small sample of tissue biopsy
is the third leading cause of death for non-communicable diseases diabetes
the leading cause of death for non-communicable diseases heart disease
illness that last a long time chronic disease
disease that results in the breakdown of the body's cells, tissues, and organs as it progresses degenerative
disease that are present when the baby is born congential
blood flow to a part of the heart is greatly reduced or blocked heart attack
blood flow to the brain is greatly reduced or blocked stroke
fatty substances are deposited on the walls of arteries atheroscliosis
hardening of the arteries arteroisclosis
the force of the blood on the inside walls of the blood vessels is higher than normal hypertension
a disease that prevents the body from converting food to energy diabetes
the result of too little insulin produced by the pancreas of the failure of the insulin to function normally. 90% of cases type 2 diabetes
the result of little or no insulin produced by the pancreas. 10% of cases type 1 diabetes
a condition signaled by pain and swelling in the joint arthritis
the joints become swollen and painful and cartilage that separates the bones is destroyed oscoarthritis
results from wearing away of the joints remithoid arthritis?
reliever medications used to relax the muscles around the air passages broncodilators
name 7 risk factors of cardiovascular disease hereditary, age, weight, diet, if you smoke, blood pressure, cholesterol
name 5 warning signs of cancer thickening in the breast, change in bladder, a sore that does not go away, unusual bleeding, trouble bleeding
what are the four things to watch out for with moles that might be cancerous asymmetry, borders, color, diameter
name dietary disease type 1 diabetes, obesity
name skin disease skin cancer, melanoma, allergy
name nervous disease turrets, spinal disease, sleeping sickness
name hormonal disease acne, breast cancer, pituitary tumor
name hereditary disease heart attack, stroke, hypertension
name respiratory disease lung cancer, asthma, influenza
define pathogen disease causing organism
define disease an infection in you body that interferes with proper functioning
define incubation period first sign of symptoms
define convalescence recovery period
define immunity your bodys ability to fight off infections
a time of vague symptoms prodromal period
any substance released by invading pathogens antigens
proteins that attach to antigens, keeping them from harming the body antibodies
white blood cells in the lymphatic system lymphocytes
a time of specific symptoms incubation period
a preparation of dead or weakened pathogens that causes the immune system to produce antibodies vaccine
STD sexually transmitted disease
HIV human immune deficiency virus
AIDS acquainted immune deficiency syndrome
what are the two types of lymphocytes T cells B cells
name the six pathogens virus, bacteria, fungi, parasitic worm, rickettisia, protozoa
name five STDs AIDS/HIV, goneria, syphilis, gentil warts, chloymidia
name four viral diseases common cold, swine flu, flu, chicken pox
name four bacterial diseases laryngitis. bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat
name three fungal diseases nail fungi, pneumonia, athletes foot
name three diseases caused by parasites tape worm, liver fluke, intestinal fluke
the only way to not catch and STD is through ____________ no sexual contact
what are the two most common symptoms of STDs? hot urine and puss from the vagina or penis
what are three of the body's defenses with immunity, t cells, and b cells
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