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Spelling words #2

Other infectious materials

Opim Other potentially infectious materials
BLOODBONE PATHOGENS germs transmitted from one person to another through contact with blood or OPMI
Good Samaritans first aid a person voluntarily give to another person.
Occupartional expoure A reasonable anticipated skin,eye mucous memrance or parnteral contact with blood or OPIM that may result from the preformance of employee's duties
Needleback safty and prevention act require emplyers to identify evaluate and implent safer medical devices.
Engineering Controls Device or item that may accidetnally penetrate the skin of a person handling it.
Sharpes General term for any device or item that may accidentally penetrate the skin of a person handling it.
Sharpe container A container that is leakproof resistant to puncture or other damage, able to be securely closed and labled with a biohazard warning allowing safe disposal of used sharps
Eye washing station Used to flash a substance that has splashed in the eye.
Work practice controls Controls that reduce the likelihood of exposure by altering the manner in which a task is preformed.
Decontamination The uses of physical or chemical means to remove inactivate or destroy bloodbone pathogens on a surface or item so that it is no longer infectious.
Sterilze means to use a chemical or physical procedure to destroy all microbial life on the item.
Regulated waste Blood or OPIM items with dried blood contaminated sharps and lab specimens containing blood or OPIM.
Universl Biohazard Symbol used to mark all containers for disposal of potentially infectious materials
Personal protective equipment contsis of barries such as gloves jumpsuits or aprons eye shields or goggles face masks or face shields and caps and booties that are worn to protect from exposure to bllod and OPIM.
Body Substance isolation (BSSI) an approach which defines all body fluids and substance as infectious.
Exposure incident an exposure to blood or OPIMS
Exposure Report form a required from documenting an exposure incident that kept in the employees files.
Exposure control plan required bu OSHA for employers to have a plan to prevent expposure to bloodbone pathogens
Universal Precautions Treat all body fluids as potential pathogens.
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